The Browns Release DRAMATIC New Logo Color, But The Brown Is Unchanged

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Cleveland has a whole new look for the 2015 season (OK, not really).


Browns QB Johnny Manziel Enters A Treatment Facility

By | 27 Comments

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel enters a rehab facility.

Tamir Rice

Cleveland WR Andrew Hawkins Beautifully Explains Why He Wore A ‘Justice For Tamir Rice’ Shirt

By | 18 Comments

Andrew Hawkins gave a magnificent response explaining his actions before Sunday's game.

Jeremy Hill

The Bengals’ Jeremy Hill Made Some Strange Comments After Getting Blown Out By The Browns

By | 8 Comments

The Cincinnati Bengals were pushed around pretty good by the Cleveland Browns on Thursday night, losing 24-3 in a game that saw Bengals QB Andy Dalton throw for 86 yards, 0 TD's and 3 INT's while completing only 10 of 33 pass attempts.

Devon Still

Four-Year-Old Cancer Fighter Leah Still Will See Her Dad Play In The NFL For The First Time Thursday


If you’re looking for a reason to tune in to this week’s Thursday night game between the Bengals and the Browns, look no further than Leah Still, the 4-year-old daughter of Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still.

#Viral Videos

This Browns Fan Is The Angriest Man On The Planet Because Johnny Football Is On The Bench

By | 11 Comments

Nobody in the world is angrier than this Browns fan following yesterday's loss to the Steelers.


Here’s Antonio Brown’s Flying Karate Kick With Appropriate WWE Play-By-Play

By | 9 Comments

Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown put a Browns punter's head in the dirt with a flying curb stomp, so here's the WWE PBP version.


Watch Steelers WR Antonio Brown Karate Kick Someone In The Face

By | 3 Comments

Pro-Tip: Kicking someone in the face will likely result in a penalty.


Johnny Manziel’s Middle Finger Cost Him A Lot Of Money

By | 7 Comments

Rich Homie Manziel's pockets just got a little lighter.


Johnny Manziel’s Hometown Has Abandoned The Cowboys For The Browns

By | 9 Comments

NFL fans in Tyler, Texas paid for a billboard to let the Dallas Cowboys know that they were cheering on the Browns and Johnny Manziel now.


Here’s A Pic Of A Sh*t-Faced Johnny Manziel Riding A Swan

By | 26 Comments

Yep, going to be a great Browns season. I can feel it.


Johnny Manziel Is Being Sued For Sexual Harassment For Allegedly Sending Hot Dog-Themed Dick Pics

By | 27 Comments

In the most amazing court claim of all time, Johnny Manziel is being sued for sexual harassment involving hot dogs, Disney parks and more.

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