Bill Nye Meets The Press, Presses The Issue Of Climate Change

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Bill Nye appeared on Meet The Press to debate climate change with Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn.


Alison Pill’s Semi-Automatic And Chris Evans’ Axe Are Ready For Two New ‘Snowpiercer’ Videos

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'Snowpiercer' still doesn't have a U.S. release date set, but that's not going to keep us from enjoying two excellent new trailers.


Watch A Cellist Demonstrate The Impact Of Climate Change With His Cello


If you never thought climate change could possibly be explained with a cello, well you were WRONG!


Chris Evans Brought An Axe To New ‘Snowpiercer’ Trailer And Videos


We now have a shorter trailer and several videos about 'Snowpiercer' starring Chris Evans.


Chris Evans Brought An Axe To The Apocalypse In The First Trailer For ‘Snowpiercer’

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The first trailer has arrived for 'Snowpiercer' starring Chris Evans fighting for the 99% during the apocalypse.


Chris Evans Brought An Axe To The First Footage Of 'Snowpiercer'

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Chris Evans stars in 'Snowpiercer', in which all remaining humans live in a perpetual motion powered train divided by social class while a revolution brews.

chasing ice

Watch A Giant Iceberg Crumble Into The Ocean

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This video is a clip from "Chasing Ice" uploaded to YouTube today. It shows what the producers claim is the largest iceberg breakup ever filmed.


Fake Tree Turns Carbon Dioxide Into Baking Soda To Stop Climate Change

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Meet the fake tree that uses chemistry to save us from North Dakota as beachfront property.

aw crap

So Fungi Are Keeping Trees From Stopping Climate Change

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Fungi like plants. You, on the other hand, can roast.

oh brother

Irony Alert: Car-Triggered Climate Change Trashing Roads

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Climate change costs you money. Now maybe can we get a reasonable policy about it?


Dumping Iron Into the Ocean May Solve Climate Change

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Or it may just make the ocean more ironic, GEDDIT?!


Plankton in the Arctic Bloom Way Earlier Than We Thought

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In the "Holy crap, this is a big deal" department, scientists have discovered that phytoplankton under the Arctic Ice bloom much earlier than we thought.


Rising Sea Levels Will Destroy Us All In Fun Interactive Map

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Hey, you know one way that we haven't discussed climate change sticking it to us in a while.


Less Sea Ice Means Colder Winters? What?

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As we all know, climate change will doom us all to centuries of awful weather and Fox News denials of climate science, even as a combination typhoon/tsunami/earthquake rips their studio apart and plunges it deep into the bowels of the Earth.


Can World Leaders Save Our Climate?

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You know, when people talk about Cancun I can’t help but think about crazy nights of booze-fueled half-naked romps in hotel swimming pools with girls I barely knew and haven’t spoken to since.


Why Argue With Anti-Science Idiots When A Robot Can Do It?

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Nigel Leck, a software developer, also had a hobby of arguing with people who like to pretend that the globe's climate isn't changing in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence, because liberals believe that, and liberals are always wrong.

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