The Ultimate Escalator Fail Compilation

The most entertaining (and painful) escalator mishaps, all in one video.


How to Open a Beer – The Ultimate Compilation

A collection of the most hilarious, creative, and impressive videos of people opening cans or bottles.


The Ultimate Mascot FAIL Compilation

The funniest sports mascot mishaps, all in one video.


The Ultimate Baseball Fail Compilation

The best (most painful) baseball fails, all in one video.


The Ultimate Golf Fail Compilation

Who says golf isn't a contact sport.


The Ultimate Wake Up Prank Compilation

The best (cruelest) wake up pranks, all in one video.


Laughing Roosters

The funniest clips of roosters laughing hysterically, all in one video.


Hungry Birds

The best clips of birds stealing food from helpless humans, all in one video.


Family Feud Fails

A montage of the worst, funniest, and most disturbing answers given during Family Feud's 35+ year history.

#Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Arnold Schwarzenegger “I’ll Be Back” Supercut

Arnold Schwarzenegger first used his iconic "I'll be back" catchphrase in the 1984 sci-fi thriller The Terminator.


Bikini Fails: The Ultimate Compilation

The best clips of bikini-clad girls doing idiotic things, all in one video.

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