Watch Two Planes Come Devastatingly Close To Colliding At The Barcelona Airport


Watch two planes nearly collide at the Barcelona airport, narrowly avoiding one of the biggest disasters in airport history.


Here’s A Terrifying Video Of A Plane Almost Landing On A Sunbather In Germany


A pilot came in a little low for his landing next to a German beach, narrowly avoiding a presumably terrified sunbather.


This Might Actually Be The Most Heart-Stopping Russian Dashcam Video Yet


You know what this video needs? More giant trucks spinning out of control.

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Russian Workers Nearly Kill Woman While Cutting Down Tree

Russian city workers cut down a large tree near a sidewalk, nearly flattening an innocent woman in the process.


Bus Driver Saves Woman From Jumping Off Bridge

Buffalo bus driver Darnell Barton stopped his bus over the Scajaquada Expressway when he saw a distraught woman standing on the wrong side of the guardrail.


Tiny Dog Narrowly Escapes Death In Scary Elevator Mishap

A pug on a leash nearly suffers an ugly demise in this heart-pounding security footage.


Russian Gangsters Rob Hilarious Driver At Gunpoint

A group of Russian gangsters rob a driver at gunpoint, but not before he can get in a few deadpan zingers.


Russian Bus Passenger Has Brush With Death

Hopefully this Russian pedestrian will be a little more careful the next time he exits the bus.


Russian Grandma Nearly Gets Hit By Runaway Car, Keeps Walking

A Russian woman crossing the street nearly gets obliterated by an out-of-control car, then carries on with her day like nothing happened.


Massive Boulder Nearly Crushes Car In Taiwan

A giant boulder crashes down a mountain in Taiwan, hitting a car -- and coming within inches of crushing it completely.


350-Pound Blue Marlin Launches Itself Onto Fishing Boat

A 350-pound blue marlin jumps onto a boat in the Dominican Republic, nearly impaling the fishermen onboard.


Jaywalking, Phone-Talking Korean Girl Should Probably Be Dead

An oblivious jaywalker walks right through a busy intersection while talking on her phone, narrowly avoiding some potentially deadly collisions.


Incredibly Close Call For Russian Pedestrians

A driver blows through an intersection and, after careening off one car, narrowly and miraculously misses several pedestrians crossing the street before hitting a row of parked cars.


Close Encounter With A Careening Semi

A collision between two semi trucks results in an extremely close call for this car.


Race Car Driver Makes Incredible Recovery After 360 Spin

Ferrari 458 driver Alessandro Pier Guidi is sent spinning in front of a large group of cars and somehow manages to regain control as the pack goes whizzing by.


Russian Pedestrian Narrowly Avoids Electrocution

A truck carrying a large crane accidentally cuts down an electric bus line, causing it to fall right in front of a terrified woman trying to cross the street.


Divers Come Within Feet of Getting Eaten by Whales

A pair of giant humpback whales pop up for lunch, nearly swallowing two divers in the process.


BMX Jump Knocks Light From Ceiling

Harry Main might want to find an indoor skatepark with a higher ceiling after this.


Lucky Russian Pedestrian Narrowly Avoids Death

It takes a little bit of luck to survive the crazy roads of Russia.


The 5 Craziest Russian Videos of The Month

It's no secret that Russia, largely due to the prevalence of dashboard cameras, consistently produces some of the most entertaining videos on the Internet.

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