Alex Wiley Flexes His Mind On New Concept Song ‘Top Of The World’


The third in WIley's recent trio of story songs.


ZMoney – “I Can’t Stop”


The up & coming Chiraq rapper delivers a winner with his spacey new Closed Sessions track.


Alex Wiley Rings In New Year With Four New Songs

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Anyone who enjoyed watching Alex Wiley continually raise his game throughout 2013 will be happy to hear four new knockers from the versatile Chicago upstart.


Alex Wiley – Club Wiley Mixtape

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We're proud to say the party know as Club Wiley is officially open for fun times.

Vic Mensa

Alex Wiley Ft. Vic Mensa – “Jerseys & Loafers” (Prod. By Chuck Inglish)

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The irony behind Alex Wiley's exquisite performance on "Jerseys & Loafers" is that if you watch the accompanying five minute documentary from his Closed Sessions label, you'll hear him say the beat isn't his comfort zone.


Closed Sessions Feat. Fashawn, Buff1 & Scheme – “Theme Music”


<a href=""> Periodically you'll see a <a href="">Closed Sessions</a> post pop up around these parts and be privy to the whatever dopeness escapes from the SoundScape recording studio.


Freddie Gibbs And YP – “Something New” Video

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<a href=""> Quick question. What's funnier: the fact these young women appear blind to the fact this song is about new p*ssy or the impeccable timing by all parties involved to release this video some 72 hours before Valentine's Day? That's irony at its finest and most derogatory moment, ladies and gents. About the song, however, "Something New" has been on steady rotation since it dropped <a href="">last year</a> and not because it conjured memories of that <a href="">old Dr. Dre track</a>.


Freddie Gibbs Feat. YP – “Something New”

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<a href=""> It's fascinating to follow the trajectory of some of those old soul or jazz joints that were hot when our parents were our age, and trace them through time to see how various artists flip, alter, and incorporate them into music that is relevant today. Take for example, "<a href="">Bumpy’s Lament</a>" by Isaac Hayes.


Ruby Hornet’s Closed Sessions: Freddie Gibbs Edition

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<a href=""> With the ridiculous amount of music we’re flooded with on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis, it’s easy to take for granted all the work that goes into producing just one song (yeah, <a href="">TRA</a> & <a href="">El Prez</a> what you guys mentioned a while back finally sunk in).


Skyzoo & Rhymefest – “Crack The Code”

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In preparation for their upcoming Closed Sessions Vol.

Ruby Hornet

Amanda Diva – “I Can See”

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While she was in Chicago, the stars and moon aligned perfectly for <a href="">Ms. Diva</a> & <a href="">Ruby Hornet</a> allowing her to complete her part for the latest installment of the Closed Sessions project.

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