American Eagle’s New Ad Campaign Promises Only Real Girls As Models


Vowing no more Photoshopping or supermodels in ads or on its website, American Eagle Outfitters has launched a new, bold #AERIEREAL ad campaign.


Prepare To Roll A Sanity Check When You See The Necronomicon Bikini

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Now you can own a Necronomicon bikini styled after the Necronomicon in 'The Evil Dead' for less than it costs to rent a secluded cabin for the weekend!


Taylor Swift Fans Threatened ‘Bad Kids Clothing’ Designers Over A Joke T-Shirt

By | 18 Comments

The founders of a party lifestyle clothing company said they've been threatened by Taylor Swift fans over a novelty t-shirt that lists her boyfriends.


How to Fold a Shirt in Less Than Two Seconds


This quick tutorial shows you the fastest way to give your short sleeve shirts a crisp fold.


Dita Von Teese Rocked An Eye-Popping 3D-Printed Dress

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Dita Von Teese revealed a revealing 3D-printed dress at a runway event and jewelry bazaar at Manhattan's Ace Hotel this week.


Key & Peele: Hatz


Two friends engage in a little fashion one-upmanship.


JAY-Z: From Marcy to Barclays


The first ever Rocawear commercial is a retrospective of Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter’s journey: From a kid growing up in the humble projects of Brooklyn, to aspiring to make music, and eventually making history.


Lice DNA Reveals When We Stopped Being Nekkid


It's long been debated exactly when early man started covering up his shame with clothes, a move which allowed him to start migrating to much colder climates like.


Rorschach’s Ink-Shifting Mask Is Real, Great For Complexions

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[Via] It's a little hard understanding just how exactly, YouTube user, guinness0507 stumbled upon the idea to wrap freshly painted items of clothing around his face and mouth, but thank heavens he did, because now we all get to reap the benefits of his discovery.


Scientists Finally Figure Out Reusable Spray-On Clothing


Ever wish you didn't have to do all that annoying shopping for clothes.


Who Wouldn’t Wear Clothing Grown From Bacteria?

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I meant to write about this a few days ago, but I had to wait till I could look at the banner pic without vomiting (thanks, picture of kittens, for being too adorable to be nauseated around).

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