Here’s Your First Look At CM Punk In A MMA Sparring Session

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Phil "CM Punk" Brooks is still holed away in Milwaukee, training at Roufusport before his UFC debut.


The Origin Of Mankind’s Mask, And Other Highlights From Mick Foley’s WTF Podcast Appearance

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WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley stopped by Marc Maron's WTF podcast, and he casually let people know why Mankind had to wear a mask.


#GiveDivasAChance Is Still Trending, So What Happens Now?

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AJ Lee, Stephanie, and Vince McMahon all weighed in on #GiveDivasAChance. We're listening.


WWE Released A Statement Denying CM Punk’s Allegations Backed By This Carefully Crafted Video Of Butts

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WWE issued a statement countering CM Punk's claims that contained a very important butt montage.


Here’s The Roman Reigns-Themed ‘Frozen’ Parody You’ve Been Waiting For

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You didn't realize you needed a Roman Reigns-themed 'Frozen' parody song, but here it is. Do you want to job to Roman?


CM Punk And Colt Cabana Are Being Sued By WWE’s Shifty Doctor

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WWE doctor Chris Amann has filed a million-dollar lawsuit against Colt Cabana and CM Punk over Punk's 'Art Of Wrestling' appearance.


Jim Ross Says Brock Lesnar May Not Return To UFC Due To Concussion Concerns

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Is Brock Lesnar concerned about protecting his giant, square head? Jim Ross thinks so.


CM Punk Says ‘MMA Is Pro Wrestling’ In His Latest Interview

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We haven't heard a lot out of Phil Brooks, better known as CM Punk, since he announced that he would be training for his UFC debut at Milwaukee's Roufusport Academy.


Triple H And Shawn Michaels Teamed Up To Bury CM Punk During His WWE Tryout

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Don't ask why CM Punk quit, ask how he survived as long as he did.


Requiem For A Cell: The Definitive Ranking Of Elimination Chamber Matches

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There have been 17 elimination chamber matches. Let's see what tops the list.

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan Says Roman Reigns Has It Easy And Credits CM Punk For His Wrestlemania Main Event

By | 56 Comments

Daniel Bryan had some honest things to say in a recent interview, but he won't get in trouble, because he's Daniel Bryan!


What You Should Know From The Triple H/Stone Cold Podcast: Roman Reigns, NXT, And Super Bowl Play Calling

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Did you miss Triple H's appearance on Stone Cold Steve Austin's latest podcast? Here's a rundown of what they talked about.


WWE’s Crummy Comic Might Be Cancelled

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Rumour has it that we might not get anymore things to not spend our money on.


Former UFC Fighter Phil Baroni Is Training To Wrestle With D’Lo Brown

By | 3 Comments

Former mixed martial artist Phil Baroni is now training to be a pro wrestling with the help of D'Lo Brown.

Daniel Bryan

Here’s The 15 Greatest Daniel Bryan Matches, As Chosen By Daniel Bryan Himself

By | 26 Comments

The world's foremost Daniel Bryan expert, Daniel Bryan, has chosen his top 15 matches.


Goldberg Talked About Returning For One More Match And Compared Himself To CM Punk

By | 28 Comments

Goldberg had some egocentric, yet nonetheless true things to say about CM Punk and WWE.


Here’s What Jim Ross Had To Say About CM Punk’s Potential In The UFC

By | 11 Comments

CM Punk, Duke Roufus, and Jim Ross were all on Inside MMA to talk about CM Punk's new career and speculate on his performance.


WWE Wants To Remove All Instances Of CM Punk From Their Comics’ History

By | 14 Comments

CM Punk is set to be scrubbed from any future reprints of WWE Superstars in an attempt to also scrub him from our hearts.

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