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‘GFY Fat Boy': Reporters From Fox And CNBC Get Into Bizarre, Childish, Highly Personal Twitter Fight

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Charlie Gasparino and Ron Insana engage in a nasty, name-calling, personal Twitter fight for the ages.


Suck It, America: This Dutch Skating Coach Thinks American Football Sucks

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Dutch skating coach Jillert Anema made some inflammatory remarks about the United States, particularly that we're wasting our time playing sucky football.


Jon Stewart’s CNBC Takedown On Last Night’s ‘Daily Show’ Was A Thing Of Beauty

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Jon Stewart roasted Jim Cramer with his own words. Again. And I could watch him do it forever.

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Queen of Versailles Update: These two dicks haven’t learned anything

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When I reviewed Queen of Versailles last July, one of the things that struck me about it, aside from the unintentional humor (favorite line "I didn't even know we had a lizard"), was the way the couple at the center of it, the Siegels, actually came off fairly sympathetic.


Video: Ashton Kutcher Told CNBC That George Clooney Is ‘A Little’ Naive About Hollywood

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Over at Deadline, you can read the very interesting and somewhat confusing story of Third Point hedge fund CEO Daniel Loeb and his recent attempt to convince Sony to spin off its entertainment division in the wake of After Earth and, sigh, White House Down bombing at the box office.

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The Star Of CNBC’s New Sports Betting Reality Show Is Allegedly A Huge Fraud

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Steve Stevens, the star of CNBC's new sports betting reality show "Money Talks," is allegedly a complete fraud


Darren Rovell Returning To ESPN As Skip Bayless' Approval Rating Skyrockets

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As has become the standard, news leaked on the Twitters yesterday that CNBC sports business reporter and host of Sports Biz: Game On, Darren Rovell, is heading back to the place where the smugness began, ESPN.


Darren Rovell Is A Gentleman And The Best Of The Playboy Super Bowl Party

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Back when I was the editor of my student newspaper in college, I drew the ire and attention of the local chapter of the National Organization of Women after I wrote a harmless entertainment editorial about how the James Bond franchise should be celebrated for creating empowering characters in the Bond girls.

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Rick Perry Sh*t The Bed Hard In Front Of The World Last Night


True Story: Last night I was on a JetBlue flight to New York.

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From the Vault: Hartman and Farley Host a Live Call-in Show

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Lately I've only been remembering the lousy things about the '90s: the atrocious fashion, post-grunge pop music, "Saved by the Bell," the Macarena, and so on.

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Business Dog Saves the Market!

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There's all sorts of heavy crap going on in the world.



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Drew Magary just wrote a Penthouse column on the "badass ideal" in which he posited that no matter how much we all aspire to being a badass, the real world never allows us to reach such a rarefied status.



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Okay, steel yourselves, everybody: Jim Cramer's round of talk-show image-rehabilitation yesterday spurred another response from Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show," officially making this Stewart's response to Cramer's response to Stewart's response to Cramer's compaint about Stewart's rant.



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Last week, Jon Stewart took CNBC to task for its unfailing failure to cover the economic meltdown with any kind of clarity or mental acuity.



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CNBC's Rick Santelli -- a man who is PISSED that homeowners are getting bailed out the in same way that the banks and automakers were -- backed out of a guest appearance on "The Daily Show.

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