A Florida Congressman Quoted Dildo Laws And ‘Frozen’ In His Refusal To Apologize To Texas

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A Florida Democrat who called Texas a "crazy state" is refusing to apologize, and in an interview with CNN, he quoted Disney's Frozen and cited Texas dildo laws to clarify his point.

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Jon Stewart Reveals The Irony Of Brian Williams Lying About His Time In Iraq

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Jon Stewart says that the media is right to attack Brian Williams, but only because we should look back at decades of bad journalism.

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Mike Huckabee Compared Homosexuality To Drinking And Swearing Because Of Course He Did

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Every time Mike Huckabee opens his mouth, something horrible comes out of it.

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Jon Stewart Rips The Alarmist Cable News Coverage Of This Week’s Blizzard

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'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' takes on cable news coverage of the recent blizzard in the northeast.


Here’s The Clip CNN Will Show When The ‘End Of The World’ Is ‘Confirmed’

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It's the end of the world as we know it, and CNN feels fine.


The FBI Allegedly Investigated This Guy’s ‘Joke’ As A Legitimate Threat To CNN

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This guy decided to prove a point about online sources by posing as the Guardians of Peace to play a joke...then the FBI got involved.

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‘Piers Who?': Watch Anderson Cooper Burn Piers Morgan During CNN’s New Year’s Eve Coverage

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Everyone was waiting for the ball to drop last night but Anderson Cooper dropped the boom when he slammed Piers Morgan last night.

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Don Lemon Is Officially One Of The Worst Things About Journalism In 2014

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Columbia Journalism Review has released their list of the worst journalism in 2014, reserving a special spot for CNN's Don Lemon.


Janice Dickinson Unloads On Bill Cosby In A Bizarre CNN Interview

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Janice Dickinson joined CNN and called Bill Cosby a "despicable monster." But did her rant get edited by CNN?

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CNN’s Jake Tapper Had A Hard Time Saying, ‘Burn This B*tch Down’


This clip of CNN's Jake Tapper will likely be autotuned by the end of the night.


Watch A Ferguson Protester Yell ‘F*ck CNN!’ Right In Don Lemon’s Face

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A protester screams right in Don Lemon's face during a live broadcast following a grand jury's decision not to charge Darren Wilson.


Watch A CNN Crew Get Hit With Tear Gas During The Ferguson Protest (UPDATE)

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Here's a CNN crew getting hit with tear gas while reporting live on air.


Darren Wilson Might Be Ready To Speak On The Mike Brown Shooting

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Reports indicate Officer Darren Wilson has been meeting with different news outlets to decide which will air his first interview.

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Twitter Has More Don Lemon Style Suggestions With #DonLemonReporting


Don Lemon has once again derped when he should have herped, and Twitter didn't let it slide. Here are the best jokes from the hashtag.

don lemon

Don Lemon Apologizes For His Line Of Questioning With Bill Cosby’s Rape Accuser

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After viewers were livid over his questions to a woman accusing Bill Cosby of rape, CNN anchor Don Lemon has apologized.


CNN’s Don Lemon Asked One Of Bill Cosby’s Accusers Why She Didn’t Bite His Penis

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"There are ways not to perform oral sex if you didn’t want to do it."

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