#Jon Stewart

Here’s Jon Stewart Telling A CNN Anchor Why He Makes So Much Fun Of CNN

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He's doing it for your own good CNN. Making fun of you, that is. Not watching cheesy 20th century horror movies.

#Anderson Cooper

Watch Anderson Cooper’s Staff Shame Him On-Air For His ‘Grandma’s House’-Scented Candle

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Anderson Cooper thought he was doing a segment on annoying coworker habits and it was actually his staff leading him to slaughter.

navy seals

Ex-Navy SEAL Robert O’Neil: ‘Osama Bin Laden Died Like A P*ssy’

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The ex-Navy SEAL that allegedly shot Osama bin Laden spoke out long before his two-part interview with Fox News.

#The Daily Show

Jon Stewart Actually Apologized On ‘The Daily Show’ For Saying He Didn’t Vote

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Jon Stewart was on CNN earlier today and admitted he didn't vote. At least that's what everyone thought happened...


Everything At MSNBC Is Going Great (Everything Is Not Going Great)

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MSNBC just posted record low ratings, continuing its slide to the bottom of the cable news pack.


Here’s Mike Rowe Singing Opera Live On CNN Today

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Mike Rowe was once an opera singer in Baltimore. Check out his pipes.

#LeBron James

LeBron Says His Weight Loss Is “Not Such A Good Thing For The Competition”


In his first sit-down after announcing his return to the Cavs, LeBron James talks with Rachel Nichols for CNN's Unguarded (airing Friday), and in a sneak peek of the airing he explains making amends with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, who famously called LeBron a "coward" in his COMIC SANS letter to fans following 2010's national televised Decision.


Video: CNN Confuses Steve Smith With Stephen A. Smith


During the depressing Hawks brouhaha over the weekend, which is continuing as Hawks ownership penalizes GM Danny Ferry even while looking for a new majority owner, CNN had Steve Smith on to talk about the culture of hoops in Atlanta.


Someone Should Tell CNN That 4chan Is A Thing, Not A Person

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A CNN "technology analyst" apparently doesn't know that 4chan isn't an actual person.


Here’s A Howard Stern Fan Pranking CNN During Coverage Of The California Earthquake

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CNN falls for one of the oldest pranks in the book and Howard Stern is getting all the credit.


Don Lemon Had An All-Time Derp Moment Last Night On CNN

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Don Lemon had a massive brain fart tonight and we're not sure he knows what an automatic weapon is.


A CNN Anchor Actually Suggested Police Use Water Cannons On Protesters In Ferguson

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CNN anchor Rosemary Church actually suggested the largely white police in Ferguson use water cannons to control mostly black protesters.


Jon Stewart Has Launched A $10 Billion Kickstarter To Buy CNN

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Let's all chip in and purchase CNN with Jon Stewart and "The Daily Show."


CNN Interviewed A Pirate About Killer Prostitutes, Heroin, And Monkeys

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Who else knows more about dead executives than pirates?


David Letterman Covered Joan Rivers’ CNN Walk Out By Walking Out On Her Mid-Interview

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Joan Rivers walked out on CNN, so David Letterman thought she deserved a taste of her own medicine.


Joan Rivers Storms Off Her CNN Interview After Being Questioned On Her Offensive Humor

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Joan Rivers continues to be a beacon for outrage, but this time it's her being outraged.

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