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Please Allow Jon Stewart To Crush CNN’s Comically Dumbed Down ‘Good Thing Or Bad Thing’ Analysis

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Last night The Daily Show dug deep into CNN's hard-hitting "Is this a good thing or a bad thing?" analysis technique


REMINDER: Awesome killer whale doc ‘Blackfish’ airs tonight on CNN

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If you don't like badass documentaries about killer whales wrecking shit and eating people, then definitely don't watch Blackfish tonight on CNN at 9pm.


Watch Anderson Cooper Take A GOP Congressman To School: ‘You’re Not On Fox News’

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Anderson Cooper gave Rep. Raul Labrador a civics lesson and a lecture on journalism last night. It was glorious.


The National Weather Service Wrote A Secret Message To Congress In A Forecast

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National Weather Service employees have to work for free during the government shutdown, so they included a coded message to Congress in a forecast.


CNN canceled their Hillary Clinton documentary because our political system is broken, basically

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Late last year, director Charles Ferguson (Inside Job) was hired to direct a documentary about Hillary Clinton for CNN.


Another Day, Another Masterful CNN Takedown By The ‘Daily Show’

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CNN botched its breaking live coverage of the DC Navy Yard shooting. Cue the Daily Show takedown.


Hey Everyone, Nancy Grace Has A New Hairstyle!

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Everyone's super favorite cable news show host and queen of the ridiculous hashtags, Nancy Grace, Tweeted a photo of her hot new hairstyle tonight.


Anderson Cooper Didn’t Get The Whole Thing With Jesse And The Ricin On Sunday’s ‘Breaking Bad’

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Were you confused by Jesse's freakout over ricin on Sunday's Breaking Bad? Well you're not alone -- Anderson Cooper was as well.

Troll Wars

The Onion’s Brilliant Trolling Of CNN Prompts A CNN Editor To Respond

By | 18 Comments

Satirical publication The Onion published a satirical article but attributed it to's very real Meredith Artley. Read what she said in response.


A New York City Surgeon Is Offering Free Procedures To Women Who Set Him Up On Dates

By | 3 Comments

New York Dr. Emil Chynn has found himself on the defensive after being labeled "pompous" by media outlets for being picky with the women that he dates.


Here’s An Amazing GIF Of Wolf Blitzer Looking Like A Total Supervillain

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Here is a GIF of Wolf Blitzer from CNN last night. He looks like a supervillain who is taking over the airwaves.

cable news

MSNBC’s Phil Griffin Responds To Network Dropping To Fourth In Ratings

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MSNBC dropped to fourth in the cable news ratings, and exec Phil Griffin said it's nothing to worry about because there has just been more breaking news.


Anthony Bourdain Filled In For Piers Morgan And Is Now Feuding With David Simon Over Cronuts

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The Wire creator David Simon and journalist David Carr are hilariously upset with Anthony Bourdain after he failed to make good on a promise of Cronuts.

f*ck the royal baby

Here’s 75 Minutes Of CNN’s Non-Stop Royal Baby Coverage Condensed To 40 Seconds And Set To Yakety Sax

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CNN's coverage of the royal baby has now surpassed the Zimmerman trial and the poop cruise in ridiculousness.

f*ck the royal baby

CNN Royal Baby Correspondent: Kate Middleton Is ‘Brilliant’ For Having A Boy On The First Try

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I can see that CNNs coverage of the Royal Baby has the potential to make me long for the days of the Zimmerman trial and the poop cruise.

great moments in trolling

A Few Skype Trolls Hilariously Disrupted CNN’s Coverage Of The George Zimmerman Trial While Egypt Burned

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Skype trolls hilariously interrupted the George Zimmerman trial today. And I didn't even know Skype trolls existed.

probably the one you didn't actually say

Actual CNN Debate: 'N Word Vs. Cracker: Which Is Worse?'

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Earlier this evening, CNN anchor Don Lemon hosted a debate about the difference between the use of the "N word" and another racial term like cracker.

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