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Sounds Like Lindsay Lohan’s Sobriety Is Doing Great At Coachella

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Lindsay Lohan is at Coachella this week, so you can probably connect the dots, here.

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The Preservation Hall Jazz Band Joined Arcade Fire To Perform ‘Wake Up’ At Coachella


Arcade Fire closed out Coachella 2014 with a performance of "Wake Up."

coachella 2014

Watch OutKast’s Full Coachella Set, Their First Show In A Decade

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OutKast is back, and that's alright, alright, alright, alright, alright, alright.

coachella 2014

Prepare For OutKast At Coachella By Watching A 17-Year-Old Big Boi’s Anti-Drug Rap


Big Boi, back when he was a boy (and rapping about the dangers of drugs).

ANDRE 3000

Check Out The First Tweets From Outkast’s New Twitter Account

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Possum Aloysius Jenkins and Daddy Fat Sax just launched an official Twitter feed and announced a new tour. Life is good.

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In And Outkast: 10 Bands That Reunited For Coachella

By | 2 Comments

Outkast is playing Coachella 2014, so let's see what other reunited acts the festival has booked.


Jimmy Kimmel Tricked People At Coachella Into Professing Their Love For Bands That Don’t Exist

By | 54 Comments

American hero Jimmy Kimmel sent a team to Coachella to ask people about bands that don't exist. The results are predictably hilarious.


Lie Witness News: Coachella 2013


Jimmy Kimmel heads to Coachella to ask music fans about bands so obscure they don't even exist.

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A Recap Of The Best Coachella 2013 Had To Offer

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Did you not go to Coachella in 2013, or just want to relive it if you did? Here are a few of the best performances from this year's festival.

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Watch Phoenix And R. Kelly Perform Together At Coachella


Watch Phoenix and R. Kelly's Coachella 2013 performance together.


Watch Daft Punk’s Revealing Coachella Trailer

By | 8 Comments

Check out a trailer for Daft Punk's new album that played at Coachella.


Coachella Bootcamp


Four boys use unorthodox training to prepare for the craziest weekend of their lives.


The Toughest Coachella 2013 Set Time Conflicts (And Which Bands You Should Choose To See)

By | 30 Comments

Blur vs. Jurassic 5, and other Coachella 2013 scheduling dilemmas resolved.


Lindsay Lohan Is Going To Die If She Attends Coachella

By | 20 Comments

A close of Lindsay Lohan's says that the troubled actress will die if she goes to Coachella this weekend.

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Which Summer 2013 Music Festival Should You Spend Your Money On?

By | 16 Comments

Not sure which music festival to attend this summer? Check out our helpful guide.


No One Knows Who Coachella Headliners The Stone Roses Are

By | 21 Comments

A new Tumblr, "Who Are the Stone Roses?" is collecting tweets from people who don't know, well, who Coachella-headliners Stone Roses are.

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