Stephen Colbert Had The Greatest Quarterback Of All-Time On His Show Last Night

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Drew Brees was on the Colbert Report last night. As a Saints fan, I turned to North Korean press releases for inspiration to write this up.


Colbert Sums Up The Chris Christie Bridge Scandal: ‘It’s My Way Or I Shut Down Your Highway’

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Leave it to Stephen Colbert to perfectly summarize 2014's best political scandal so far, the Chris Christie bridge scandal.


Stephen Colbert Is Here To Mock All The Buffoonish Polar Vortex Coverage You’ve Seen On The News Of Late


The polar vortex has TV weather people freaking the f*ck out. Let's all point and laugh at them with Stephen Colbert.


Naturally, Stephen Colbert Had Something Hilarious To Say About The GOP Congressman Caught In A Coke Bust

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Tea Party Congressman Trey Radel pled guilty this week to purchasing an 8-ball of cocaine from an undercover cop. Cue Stephen Colbert.


Sam Waterston Helps Stephen Colbert Mock ’60 Minutes’ Over Its Benghazi Report

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Stephen Colbert also poked some fun at 60 Minutes last night, and he did so with the help of Sam Waterston from The Newsroom.


Well Of Course Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Made Fun Of Crack-Smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Last Night

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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert both opened their shows with segments on Rob Ford's crack smoking admission, and did so rather hilariously.


Colbert Sets Up Twitter Account Offering ‘Real Human Praise’ For Fox News

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Stephen Colbert is sympathetic to Fox News' PR spin efforts, so he set up a bot Twitter account to help the fine folks at Fox.



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Hey, remember that one day when we made fun of Christian Bale.

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