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Charlie Sheen

‘Don’t Do Crack, Drink Chocolate Milk’

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Last week, Charlie Sheen took time away from his uphill fight to finally attain sobriety nonstop, drug-fueled hooker orgies to offer some words of wisdom to the members of the UCLA baseball team.

college baseball

Record-Chasing Tail-Chaser Charged with Rape

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If you're anything like me, you couldn't care less about the snooze-fest that is college baseball.

college baseball

College Baseball Gets Interesting (For Once)

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A lot of people yesterday decided to do two college baseball posts yesterday, and that just seemed gratuitous to me.

college baseball


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There are benefits to having Nike as a marquee contributor to your athletic department.

college baseball


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We deliver your college baseball post for 2009 on the heels of one public university in Columbus, Ohio <a href="">being pummeled by Florida State</a> as the Seminoles advanced to their super regional yesterday.

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