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Watch As Students At MIT Test Their Handmade Roller Coaster


Engineering students built a campus amusement ride for incoming freshmen.


A College Student Emailed Her Professor To Cut Class For Beyoncé’s Birthday


Beyoncé is her own religion now. Case in point: the girl who tried to take her birthday off.


Three Friends Found $40,000 In Cash Inside A Couch And… GAVE IT BACK?!?!

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After purchasing an old couch for $20 from the Salvation Army, three friends discovered that they had a $40,000 decision to make.


This Teen With Down Syndrome Opening A Letter From College Will Make Your Day

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Noah VanVooren, a teen with Down Syndrome, just got an important letter from Edgewood College and his reaction is awesomely heartwarming.


The Government Is Making Bank On Student Loans! Isn’t That Great?

By | 12 Comments

$1.2 trillion in student loan debt is creating big profits for the government and big pains for students.


Arizona State Student Takes Sexy Halloween Costumes To Their Natural Conclusion, Wears Nothing At All

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Let it to Arizona State University to take the "sexy Halloween costume" to a next level.


‘Trojans For Life’ Might Make You Want To Die

By | 13 Comments

We ain't goin' nowhere. We ain't. Goin' nowhere. We can't be stopped now. 'Cause it's TROJANS FOR LIFE, the worst acapella college fan song of the day.


Meet The Bro Who Holds The World Record For Eating Chicken McNuggets

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A college student named Nicholas Holeman is the world record holder for eating the most Chicken McNuggets in three minutes.


Adam Scott And Nick Offerman Are Here To Crash Your Dorm Party

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All-around super-duper likable guy Adam Scott dropped by The Late Show last night, presumably to promote something, but all that matters is that he instead regaled Letterman and the audience with a story about the time he and Nick Offerman decided to drink beers with some college students at Cal Tech.


Week In Review: Got An Elephant Problem? Go Daddy Will Solve It


Yesterday I dug up some news about American CEOs and how a study said that a record number of CEOs are optimistic about the world's economy, while another CEO had a pretty bleak outlook.

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