With Leather’s Watch This: A Supercut Of People Opening Beer Bottles With Random Objects

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I’ve always been jealous of people who can open beer bottles in strange ways.


With Leather’s Watch This: The Chicago Blackhawks Can Count

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The Chicago Blackhawks posted the above image to their Instagram account yesterday with the caption “No caption needed.


It’s All Fun And Games Until A Little Kid Starts Crying At The College World Series

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While Mississippi State was putting the finishing touches on a come-from-behind 5-4 win over Indiana at the College World Series in Omaha, one family was making a memory that would last a lifetime as a young girl proudly snagged herself her very first foul ball.

spelling mistakes

Something’s Not Right At The College World Series

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As the College World Series is underway in Omaha, a lot of people are more focused on a hilarious spelling error on one of the dugouts.


Caption This Picture

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The Arizona Wildcats defeated the South Carolina Gamecocks 4-1 last night to complete a sweep and win the program’s fourth NCAA baseball title in school history.


Peephole are Insensitive

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I don't like to just regurgitate what I see on Deadspin, but this video of Erin Andrews shutting down a heckler by just sort of talking to him needs to be seen by as many people as possible.


Favre Encourages College Students to Gamble


This is older news, but fun news: The 2010 version of whether or not Brett Favre will return to the NFL beings in Biloxi, Mississippi; where Favre recently met with the Southern Mississippi University baseball team.



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College World Series - Fresno State captured the school's first baseball national title and (the nation's capacity to BELIEVE *swoon*) became the lowest seeded team to win an NCAA tournament title.



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MLB - The forces dictating the Mariners fortunes this year couldn't stand idly by while something as auspicious as King Felix hitting the first grand slam by an AL pitcher in 37 years happened without exacting some proportionately horrible toll upon them.



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This photo was taken by With Leather reader Handsome Dan at the College World Series this past Sunday (Louisville eliminated Ole Miss MSU 12-4).

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