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8 Music Posters You See In Every Dorm Room

By | 6 Comments

Who among us hasn't seen a Pink Floyd "back catalogue" poster?


This Duke Sorority Recruitment Video Will Make You Never Want To Join Anything

By | 7 Comments

This sorority recruitment video made by the Alpha Delta Pis at Duke University might be the most awkward thing you'll see this week.


A Sorority Girl Got Revenge On A Two-Timing Alabama Frat Guy By Sh*tting On His Bed. Because College.

By | 9 Comments

Things got poopy on a recent hazy night in Tuscaloosa when an Alabama fraternity guy ditched one sorority girl for another.


Here’s Your Chance To Attend Harvard And Be Paid $170,000 For It

By | 19 Comments

A mysterious Craigslist ad in Pittsburgh is offering one man the chance to earn $170,000 to attend and graduate from Harvard... as someone else.


Beautiful Moment Alert: Watch A Man With Down Syndrome Read His Acceptance Letter To Clemson

By | 10 Comments

This video of a 20-year old man with Down Syndrome reading his acceptance letter to Clemson University's LIFE program will melt your heart.


The Government Is Making Bank On Student Loans! Isn’t That Great?

By | 12 Comments

$1.2 trillion in student loan debt is creating big profits for the government and big pains for students.


28 Bizarre College Classes


John Green studies some of the most bizarre classes that have been, or still are, available in colleges around the country.


Allow Drunk Ole Miss Girl To Tell You Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Ole Miss

By | 35 Comments

A reporter asked a drunk girl from Ole Miss to explain the school's motto, name their best-ever quarterback and share her feelings on life. Solid gold.


Rapper Juicy J Is Offering A $50,000 College Scholarship To One Lucky Twerker

By | 5 Comments

To go along with his single "Scholarship," rapper Juicy J launched a contest for one twerking female fan to win a $50,000 college scholarship.


‘Trojans For Life’ Might Make You Want To Die

By | 13 Comments

We ain't goin' nowhere. We ain't. Goin' nowhere. We can't be stopped now. 'Cause it's TROJANS FOR LIFE, the worst acapella college fan song of the day.

#Miley Cyrus

Grand Valley State University Removed Its Wrecking Ball Sculpture Thanks To Miley Cyrus

By | 4 Comments

Grand Valley State University officials removed a popular campus sculpture that looks like a wrecking ball because students were imitating Miley Cyrus.

#The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Gets A Free Online College Course Backed By AMC

By | 8 Comments

AMC is partnering with University of California at Irvine to offer a free online course based on 'The Walking Dead'. Sure, why not?


A Group Of Male College Students In Vermont Posted A Craigslist Ad Seeking A House MILF

By | 10 Comments

A group of at least 10 male college students at the University of Vermont have caused a stir with their Craigslist ad seeking a "house MILF."

the world's end

FOLLOW-UP: Edgar Wright clarifies “Notable Alumnus” status at his alma mater

By | 5 Comments

The other day during <a href="" target="_blank">our interview</a>, as World's End director Edgar Wright was fumbling for the correct pluralized form of "thesis," he said "See.


Georgia Tech Student Delivers Epic Welcome Speech To Freshmen


Georgia Tech mechanical engineering student Nicholas S.


A Dartmouth Fraternity Hosted A ‘Bloods And Crips’ Party And The NAACP Is Not Pleased

By | 45 Comments

The NAACP is demanding action against a Dartmouth fraternity and sorority that co-hosted a "bloods and crips" themed party.


The Most Bizarre College Mascots


<a href="">John Green</a> discusses 37 odd college mascot choices, including a pickle, a banana slug, and a squirrel.


Butler Bulldog's Training Montage


Butler University officially joined the Big East Conference this week, and no one prepared harder for the move than the school's mascot, Trip.


73 Sports Movies In 73 Days: 'Back To School'

By | 25 Comments

The other day, as I was meeting with my local Illuminati chapter, a friend asked, “Hey Burnsy, how come you call this thing <a href="" target="_blank">73 Sports Movies in 73 Days</a>, but you’re not accounting for Saturdays and Sundays when you and Kate Upton are yachting with Leonardo DiCaprio and his topless models.

spelling mistakes

Something’s Not Right At The College World Series

By | 8 Comments

As the College World Series is underway in Omaha, a lot of people are more focused on a hilarious spelling error on one of the dugouts.

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