Video: Notre Dame Guard Demetrius Jackson Posterizes 7-2 Defender


We're partial to the NBA, but a dunk like this deserves attention regardless of playing field.

high school

Video: High Schooler D.J. Harvey Headbutts Backboard On Block Try


Have you ever wondered why that padding on the underside of backboards exists.


Is This The Most Devastated Michigan Fan Ever?

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Last night, the Michigan Wolverines dropped a second consecutive game at home to in-state non-rival Eastern Michigan, 45-42.

Portland State

Portland State Player Fakes Handshake Before Steal & Meaningless Jam

By | 6 Comments

This is pretty disgraceful, and a good example of what not to do as a college athlete.

#Paul Rudd

This College Fraternity Picture Reveals Paul Rudd’s Glorious Locks From The ’80s

By | 3 Comments

The comedic actor sported some serious hair during his time at the University of Kansas.

Justise Winslow

Video: Duke’s Justise Winslow Blocks Layup While Clearing Shooter’s Head


A 6-6, 225 pound 18 year-old that starts for Duke, averages 15 points per game, and clears opposing players' heads while blocking shots.

Tony Wroten

Breaking Down A Kentucky Vs. Philadelphia 76ers Seven-Game Series

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The Kentucky Wildcats and the Philadelphia 76ers are two basketball programs with completely different goals this season.


Watch A Group Of College Students Stuck In An Elevator Sing Aerosmith To Pass The Time


Bored with sex and drugs, a bunch of trapped college students in England decided to sing the 90s classic "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing."

Wade Baldwin IV

The Top 10 College Basketball Freshman Flying Under The Radar This Year


Well guys its that time of year again, this time last year we brought you our first edition of our “Under-the-radar” list and we’re back at it again.

Gustavo Angel Tamayo

Watch This College Student Hit Layup, FT, 3-Pointer & Half-Court Heave For $10,000

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Gustavo Angel Tamayo had never played basketball in his life before he was in the arena when Tennessee's Bryan College tipped off their college season Monday night with their annual rally, "The Late Night Roar.


Is Your Alma Mater On This List Of America’s Worst Colleges?

By | 21 Comments

Burning your money is a better way to spend your time than going to any of these colleges, the worst in the country.

#LeBron James

Ohio State Coach Says LeBron James’ 9-Year-Old Son “Will Be” On His Radar

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Recruiting seems to be targeting increasingly younger kids, and the joke college coaches will be scouting kindgarten games soon isn't that far off from reality, it seems.

#Taylor Swift

Watch These Random Students Bust A Move To Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’

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The students of Central Florida University shake it off in the student union thanks to the uniting force that is Taylor Swift.

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