Obama Laughed It Off When Someone Offered Him Weed In A Denver Colorado Bar

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We live in a world now where you can literally be smoking pot in front of the president and offer it to him and he laughs.


Here’s Why Colorado Legalizing Weed Was A Brilliant Move

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Weed should be legal everywhere. Colorado is the perfect case study to demonstrate why.


The Worst Girlfriend In America Sold Her Boyfriend’s Dog While He Was Deployed

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A man serving in Afghanistan learned that his girlfriend sold his dog on Craigslist, causing some Facebook strangers to come to the rescue.


There Was A Llama Loose On The Campus Of A Colorado College Yesterday

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Students at Trinidad State Junior College in Colorado were probably pretty surprised to see a llama running around campus.


Coming Soon To The Denver County Fair: Joint Rolling Contests

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Already billed as an unconventional affair, the Denver County Fair is adding marijuana-related competitions this year, including a joint-rolling contest.


Did You Catch The Stoned CNN Reporter Doing A Colorado Legalization Report For Anderson Cooper?

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A CNN reporter went live from Colorado after spending a day taking a limo tour of local dispensaries. There may have been a contact high.

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People Keep Stealing Colorado’s ’420′ Mile Marker Sign And This Was The Hilarious Solution

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As far as creative solutions go, this Colorado road sign is one of the funniest I've seen.


Stephen Colbert Interviewed The Denver Post’s Marijuana Editor Via Satellite From ‘Bongistan’ Last Night

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How does one get the job of "marijuana editor?" Work in the music department, naturally.

Colorado News Anchor Rants About Photos Of Snow-Covered Patio Furniture


News anchor Kyle Clark implores viewers to be more original.


The Guy In The Broncos Jersey Stole Colbert’s Segment On Colorado Drone Hunting

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The Colbert Report took to Deer Trail, Colorado last night to get the full story on that Drone Hunting novelty ordinance.

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These ‘Got Insurance?’ Ads For Obamacare Are Sure To Get People Talking

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Two groups in Colorado created a series of 'Got Insurance?' ads to promote Obamacare and the response hasn't necessarily been great.

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Colorado Is Using Talking Urinal Cakes To Curb Drunk Driving


In order to reduce the number of drunk driving arrests, the Colorado Department of Transportation is pushing the use of talking urinal cakes at bars.


Prosecutors seeking death penalty for The Dark Knight shooter

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Prosecutors in Colorado have announced that they will be seeking the death penalty for the guy who killed 12 and wounded 70 at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises last summer.

Let’s Celebrate Colorado And Washington Legalizing Marijuana With Funny Pictures, Shall We?

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Voters in both Colorado and Washington passed ballot initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana use. Let's celebrate with funny pictures, shall we?


On Reporting What Matters In The Aurora ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Tragedy

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We'd like to talk about the victims, how to help the community, and share the official statements released by Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, and Christopher Nolan.


Meme Watch: This Falling Bear's Plight Is Unbearably Funny

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<a href="">Reddit</a> tipped us to a news item about a bear which climbed up a tree near student housing at the University of Colorado Boulder last Thursday morning.


Colorado's Attempt To Tax Amazon Has Failed


Online retailing has changed a lot of things, but one of the things it's changed the most, much to the chagrin of state legislatures, is how much sales tax states collect.


Eyes Up Here For Some Breast News

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They’re a woman’s best asset and a man’s best friends.

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