Some Nude College Girls Filmed Themselves Making Out In The Columbia Library, For Art


Some nude college girls filmed a feminist art-type film in Columbia's Library, complete with sorority initiation parody.

Michigan State University

Michigan St. Fans Trick Columbia Into Consecutive Shot Clock Violations

During Friday's Michigan State Columbia almost-upset, where the Ivy Leaguers held a seven-point advantage in the second half, the Spartans crowd played a hand in their team's avoidance of said upset.

spike lee

Columbia Basketball Might Have The Next Jeremy Lin

*This feature was originally printed in Dime #71.


After 20 Years, Columbia University Janitor Becomes A College Grad


NYDN: "It took almost 20 years, but this weekend a Columbia University custodian will put down his broom and dustpan just long enough to collect his sheepskin.

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