Here’s An Ump With No Personal Issues Ejecting A DJ For Playing ‘3 Blind Mice’

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An umpire who probably just needs somebody to talk to ejected a stadium DJ for playing '3 Blind Mice.' Seriously.


Congratulations On Your Internet Fame, Chicago Cubs Blowjob Guy

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I've been to a lot of boring baseball games, and I've seen fans soldier through the lulls in action by reading books, playing video games and pretty much anything else besides "watching baseball".


Bryce Harper Seems Like An Easy-Going Guy

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If you watch this video of Richmond Flying Squirrel Eric Surkamp striking out Bryce Harper during Wednesday night's Harrisburg Senators game, you're allowed two trains of thought.


Boring Canseco Ejections Have the Most Awesome Soundtracks

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The actual plot of this video, according to the YouTube description: Jose Canseco gets pissed at umpire, gets ejected from game, then brother Ozzie comes out and he gets ejected from the game, couldn't tell why, but sign language says it pretty well.



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Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino was ejected from yesterday's game against Florida for arguing balls and strikes with home-plate umpire Ed Rapuano.



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Another YouTube, another crazy manager.

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