comedy central roast of justin bieber

Jeff Ross Paints A Bullseye On Justin Bieber In This Comedy Central Roast Teaser

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Justin Bieber shows that he's a tough man by taking a bullseye tattoo from Jeff Ross without even flinching.

comedy central roast of justin bieber

Kevin Hart Is Serving As Roast Master Of Comedy Central’s Justin Bieber Roast

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While the dais is unknown, Kevin Hart has been tabbed to preside over the hot fire being thrown at Canada's Prince of Pop.

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Justin Bieber Will Be The Subject Of The Next Comedy Central Roast

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Jeffrey Ross is going to have a field day with Justin Bieber during the next Comedy Central Roast.


You Can Now Own A Terrifying 13-Foot David Hasselhoff Lifeguard Figure For $20,000

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Would you like to buy the giant David Hasselhoff model that SpongeBob and Patrick rode across the ocean? Today's your lucky day.


The Highs And Really Highs Of 'The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco'

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Last night's Comedy Central Roast of James Franco seemed to be very well received, as the comedians in attendance were hilarious and brutal.


Ten Of The Best Jokes From The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco

By | 28 Comments

The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco taped last night at Culver Studios. We've collected ten of our favorite jokes along with pictures and GIFs.


Comedy Central Announced The Complete (And Awesome) Dais For The James Franco Roast

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In addition to the names that were announced last week, Aziz Ansari and Andy Samberg will join the dais for the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco.


The Dais For The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco Is Pretty Great

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While Seth Rogen was already announced as the roastmaster, the dais for the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco will include Jonah Hill and Bill Hader.


Comedy Central Is Going To Roast James Franco

By | 20 Comments

In an interesting move, Comedy Central has announced that 35-year old actor James Franco will be the man of the hour at this year's celebrity roast.


The 20 Best Jokes From The Roast Of Roseanne

By | 35 Comments

A collection of the best jokes from the Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne, from Amy Schumer, Jane Lynch, Jeff Ross, and more.


Jeff Ross Went To Roseanne’s Comedy Central Roast Dressed As Joe Paterno

By | 15 Comments

Jeff Ross, who comes out of hibernation once a year to make an appearance on Comedy Central, attended Roseanne's Roast yesterday dressed as former-Penn State coach Joe Paterno

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