After 'Powers' And 'Preacher,' Here's 5 Other Comics We Want To See Come To The Screen

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Not all comics revolve around the superheroes of Marvel and DC. Here are some personal choices of what we'd like to see come to series.


Is Guy Ritchie Back To Directing Sgt. Rock?


With all the press that superheroes get, it's sometimes easy to forget that there are other types of comic books like "romance" or the ever-popular "American-G.


Marvel Studios Won’t Shut Up About Thor

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We've all read interviews about upcoming movies where people behind the scenes only spill a couple paragraphs about the film before scurrying off into the darkness to keep working on it.


Disney Making "Doctor Strange". Allegedly.

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The Internet has gone all a-twitterpated over Stan Lee mentioning he was scheduled to shoot a cameo for a "Doctor Strange" movie, which is awesome, but there's some information that forces us to slam on the brakes of our enthusiasm.


Matt Wagner’s Mage Optioned, Might Actually Get Finished


You might remember Matt Wagner's "Mage", about a man who might be King Arthur, except instead of a sword he's got a super-powered baseball bat.

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