#The Walking Dead

All The Ways ‘The Walking Dead’ Strayed From The Comic Book Last Night

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'The Walking Dead' TV show made a few interesting choices regarding it's comic book source material last night.


The Guardian’s Art Critic Doesn’t Understand Why Comic Books Aren’t Just Pretty Pictures

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You'd think that the fine art critic for a professional newspaper would have at least a basic grasp of an art form. And you'd be wrong!

#agents of shield

Luke Mitchell Will Play A Super-Powered ‘Inhuman’ On ‘Agents Of SHIELD’

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Luke Mitchell has been cast as Lincoln, a new Inhuman character, in the second half of season two of Agents of SHIELD.

#DC Comics

An 11-Year Old Girl Wrote DC Comics To Remind Them That ‘Girls Read Comics, Too’

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A young girl wrote a letter asking DC why Marvel can make an awesome movie about a talking raccoon and Wonder Woman is still two years away.


Watch Jude Law Explain Why He Turned Down The Offer To Play Superman

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The 'Sherlock Holmes' star wasn't interested in comic book movies at the time, but oh boy, he's had a change of heart *now*.


Marvel Hints At The End Of Miles Morales As ‘Ultimate Spiderman’

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Many fans were excited to see the bold new direction the Miles Morales was bringing 'Ultimate Spiderman', but it seems his reign as the webslinger is coming to a close.

Image Comics

Image Comics Is Going Old School With A New Mail-Order Subscription Service

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Image Comics has revealed a new mail order subscription service for paper comics, but is the cost prohibitive?

mortal kombat x

Interview: ‘Mortal Kombat X’ Comic Scribe Shawn Kittelsen On Gore, Glory, And His Favorite Kombatants


'Mortal Kombat X' starts not with a game but with a comic book, and we've got Shawn Kittelsen answering a few questions.


WWE Wants To Remove All Instances Of CM Punk From Their Comics’ History

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CM Punk is set to be scrubbed from any future reprints of WWE Superstars in an attempt to also scrub him from our hearts.


Today In Nerdy Wrestlers: Sheamus Wants To Be Marvel’s Venom

By | 19 Comments

The Celtic Warrior reveals that he'd like to share the screen with Spider-Man. Plus, The Big Show wants to show up in Gears Of War.


Superman, Ape Motorcycle Gangs, And Other Comics Of Note, November 5th

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Superman, Spider-Man teaming up with himself, and monkeys on motorcycles lead this week's roundup of comic books.

#DC Comics

It’s Swamp Thing Versus Robots In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Swamp Thing’ #36


Swamp Thing kicks some shiny metal butt in this exclusive preview of 'Swamp Thing' #36.


‘Harley Quinn,’ ‘Aliens,’ And Other Comics Of Note, October 29th

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Harley Quinn gets a scratch and sniff special, and we look at the rest of this week's notable comic books.

marvel cinematic universe

The New Characters Of Marvel’s Phase Three: A Guide For Non-Nerds

By | 35 Comments

Marvel's Phase Three just got a bunch of new characters. Here's who they are, and why they're important.


Making The Case For Handing Out Comic Books Instead Of Candy This Halloween

By | 10 Comments

Comic books make a better Halloween treat than candy, and here's why.

Comic Books

A ‘Green Arrow’ Exclusive, ‘Aliens Vs. Predator’ And Other Comics Of Note, October 8th

By | 9 Comments

'Aliens Vs. Predator' returns, plus an exclusive look at the next volume of 'Green Arrow', in our look at this week's notable comics.


Brodus Clay Revealed How The WWE Locker Room Dealt With Darren Young Coming Out

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Last August, WWE's Darren Young came out as the company's first openly gay star. Brodus Clay spoke about the locker room's reaction.

fox and friends

Fox & Friends Tried To Deliver A Hot Take On Comic Books. Guess How That Went?

By | 30 Comments

'Fox And Friends' tried to explain comic books to its audience. This did not go well.


‘Star Wars,’ ‘Batman,’ And Other Comics Of Note, August 13th

By | 5 Comments

A look at the end of a great 'Star Wars' comic, Batman fighting a serial killer, and the rest of this week's books.

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