The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino Confirmed ‘The Hateful Eight’ At Comic-Con

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We basically already knew Quentin would be shooting 'The Hateful Eight,' but hearing him say it himself adds a new level of excitement.


The Animated Feature Adaptation Of ‘Chew’ Is Off To A Good Start

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Steven Yeun will play Tony Chu, with Felicia Day rounding out the perfect casting choices for Image Comics' Chew adaptation.

#The Walking Dead

How This Week's 'The Walking Dead' Storyline Compared To Its Comic Book Origins

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Scott Gimple took his inspiration for this week's episode of 'The Walking Dead' from a similar storyline in the comic book, involving different characters.


Listen, Bud: The Las Vegas Wranglers Wore Spider-Man Jerseys For Charity

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The ECHL's Las Vegas Wranglers donned Spider-Man themed jerseys during Saturday's game for charity, and then they threw a manhole at Electro to defeat him.


Boom! Studios Is Bringing ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ Back In Comic Form And More

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BOOM! Studios and Eric Powell Tweeted a teaser for a new 'Big Trouble in Little China' comic book series, with more news coming tomorrow.


Comics Of Note, February 12th

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Our weekly look at this week's comics, with books from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Valiant, Boom! Studios, IDW Publishing, and Avatar Press.


Everything You Need To Know About ‘Preacher’

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If you're not a comics fan, you may not have heard of 'Preacher.' Luckily for you, that's where we come in.


Miracleman Is Going To That Place Where He Hears Voices

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A variant cover for Miracleman #3 depicts the character as WWE Superstar Randy Orton, same face and pose and everything. Coincidence, trace or marketing?


‘Spider-Man Plays Basketball’ Is Back With A Visit From Captain America


Part Four of the Professor's 'Spider-Man Plays Basketball' series features an appearance from Bone Collector as Captain America.


Cop: Black Dynamite Comic No. 1

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Another landmark for the Black Dynamite franchise to comics.


Batman Took On Spiderman In The Most Awkward MMA Fight Ever Recorded

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Batman, Robin and The Riddler took on Spider-Man in a weird, European 3-on-1 MMA fight. No, I don't know why. Yes, it is the most awkward thing ever.


DC Comics May Soon Be Putting Out Three Superhero Movies A Year

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Ready for DC Comics to put out a lot of superhero movies? Like, three a year?


‘Rampage Jackson: Street Warrior’ Gets An Animated Trailer And It Features Lady Loving

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Quinton Rampage Jackson's comic book 'Rampage Jackson: Street Warrior' now has an animated trailer, because HOORAY.


Introducing Kamala Khan, Marvel’s New Teenage Female Muslim Superhero

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Beginning in February, a new Ms. Marvel series will depict the titular heroine as a teenage Muslim girl named Kamala Khan.

Comic Books

'Blue Is The Warmest Color': Your Guide To This Year's Artsy-Fartsy Comic Book Adaptation

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'Blue Is the Warmest Color' is a comic book adaptation and an arthouse sensation. Here's what you need to know about it.


‘Marvel Now What? #1’And Other Comics Of Note, October 22nd

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'Marvel Now What? #1' is Marvel at its best self-mockery. A full review, and a look at the rest of this week's new books.


Relive The Final Season Of ‘Breaking Bad’ With These Gorgeous Minimalist Posters For Each Episode

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Comic book artist Francesco Francavilla is creating minimalist posters for every episode of Breaking Bad, and they are incredible.


‘Gotham Central’ Might Actually Be Heading To TV Screens

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'Gotham Central' is a beloved comic... and it might be a lot more than that soon, according to Ed Brubaker.


‘Buzzkill #1′ And Other Comics Of Note, September 18th

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'Buzzkill' #1 marks the launch of a very, very different kind of superhero book. Plus, a look at some of this week's other comics.


Interview: Caitlin Kittredge On Her New Horror Comic, ‘Coffin Hill’


Fantasy author Caitlin Kittredge comes to comics with 'Coffin Hill.'

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