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Michael Levine On Turning 'Usagi Yojimbo' Into A Mobile Game

'Usagi Yojimbo' is returning to gaming after a quarter-century away, and Michael Levine of Happy Giant Games tells us how it happened.


Yup, Jim Carrey Is In Kick-Ass 2 [Insert 90s Jim Carrey Quote Here]

Jim Carrey says "alrighty then" to Kick-Ass 2. That's the only Ace Ventura quote you're getting.

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Mark Millar Spoils Kick Ass 2 Comic And Movie

Movieweb interviewed Mark Millar about the comic and film adaptation (they'll be pretty much the same) of Kick Ass 2: Balls To The Wall, and he was willing to spill some wonderfully massive spoilery info about the project.

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