2014 winter olympics

Proctor & Gamble’s 2014 Sochi Olympics ‘Thank You, Mom’ Commercial Is Simply Beautiful

By | 36 Comments

Get your tissues ready, because Proctor & Gamble's 'Thank You, Mom' ad for the 2014 Sochi Olympics will definitely make you misty.


50 Questions About That One Disturbing As Hell M&M Commercial

By | 67 Comments

The Brown M&M set up the Red M&M to be murdered and/or sexually assaulted. This commercial is disturbing as hell.


A Very Important Look Back At Channing Tatum’s 2002 Mountain Dew Commercial

By | 25 Comments

Let's take a brief look back at Channing Tatum's TV debut in this delightful 2002 Mountain Dew commercial.

Old Spice’s New ‘Momsong’ Commercial Is Catchy, Weird As Hell

By | 16 Comments

You'll have "Momsong" stuck in your head all week.


10 Fake Commercials From Movies You Probably Forgot Were Advertising Gold

By | 25 Comments

There's a good chance all of these are better than anything you'll see in 2014.

christopher walken

This Was The Freakiest Ad Of 2013, According To Adweek (And Adweek Is Right)

By | 10 Comments

Adweek's freakiest ad of the year stars Christopher Walken and it is every bit as creepy as he is.


Take A Bow, Ad Wizards: The 10 Best Commercials Of 2013

By | 56 Comments

A look at AdWeek's always impressive ten best commercials of the year.


Apple’s Touching Holiday Ad


A misunderstood teenager and his phone star in Apple's latest heartwarming commercial.


Ship My Trousers (Kmart Commercial)


Kmart's followup to last year's hit <a href="">"Ship My Pants"</a> commercial.


This Racist-As-Hell Law Firm Commercial Is The Apex Of A Long, Strange Tale

By | 47 Comments

The story behind this racist, Asian-stereotype-flled law firm commercial keeps getting weirder and weirder.


Here’s The Gun Company Ad That The NFL Has Refused To Air During Super Bowl XLVIII

By | 28 Comments

Gun maker Daniel Defense submitted an ad to Fox to air during Super Bowl XLVIII and the NFL has rejected it due to supposed rule violations.


Anyone Else Forget About Dark-Haired Roger Sterling Starring In A 1980s Sports Illustrated Commercial?

By | 15 Comments

You're going to find this hard to believe, but John Slattery did some acting prior to Mad Men.

50 questions

50 Questions About The Bow-Making Family In The 2013 Lexus Christmas Commercials

By | 47 Comments

Is the lady in these commercials having an affair? Is that what's going on here?


Foot Locker’s Week Of Greatness Ad Might Be The Best Sports Commercial Ever

By | 17 Comments

Foot Locker's new Week of Greatness commercial features Mike Tyson, Brett Favre and others finally making the life decisions we all knew they should make.


Jean Claude Van Damme Does An Epic Split In A New Volvo Commercial

By | 23 Comments

Volvo claims that this new commercial with Jean Claude Van Damme doing a split on two moving trucks is real. It sure looks real.


LEGO Just Won Christmas With This Heartwarming Father-Son Commercial

By | 17 Comments

I challenge anyone who has snapped bricks with another living being to not be moved by this spot.


People Are Buying The Dodge Durango Like Crazy Now, Thanks To… Ron Burgundy?


Dodge Durango sales are up and all signs point to Anchorman's Ron Burgundy as the reason that people love this SUV again.

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