Comedy Central’s ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Spot With Tom Hiddleston Is Adorable

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Spoofing AT&T's kid focus group commercials, Comedy Central's new 'Thor: The Dark World' ads with Tom Hiddleston are just delightful.


ESPN’s John Clayton Met Slayer And Gave Us This Photo Of The Year Nominee

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ESPN NFL analyst John Clayton met the members of Slayer in Seattle to bring his classic SportsCenter commercial full circle.


Senior Citizens React To Old Spice Commercials


When elders sit down to watch Old Spice commercials, priceless reactions are generated.

cialis couples ranked

Couples In The Most Recent Cialis Commercial, Ranked

By | 30 Comments

Spoiler Alert: Tennis Couple is number one, because they are WINNERS.


WATCH: Greek commercial uses Django Unchained to sell school supplies for kids

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It's a shame we haven't had any Django Unchained tie-in commercials here in the oh-so-sensitive United States of Puritan Wieners, but luckily Greece is picking up the slack with this new commercial for Jumbo, a chain store that reimagines itself as a Django-style hero, freeing parents from the bondage of high pencil prices.


Is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Reprising His Role From ‘Airplane’? Roger, Roger.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is reprising the role of 'Airplane!' pilot Roger Murdock for a series of Wisconsin tourism ads.


Mercedes-Benz Dancing Chickens Commercial


Mercedes-Benz' latest commercial uses "dancing" chickens to promote the stability of their new suspension system.

dogs who like to party

There Has Never Been A Better Commercial Than This Ad For Dog-E-Glow

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Stop what you're doing and watch this commercial for Dog-E-Glow, which features business dogs cutting loose and becoming party dogs.


Ronda Rousey Will Hurt You For Trying To Start A Lemonade Stand

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Ronda Rousey is worried that The Ultimate Fighter 18 will make her look nuts. Here's a clip of her destroying somebody's lemonade stand. Not nuts.

50 questions

50 Questions About The Creepy Talking Tree In StubHub’s ‘Ticket Oak’ Commercials

By | 32 Comments

The existence of a creepy talking tree in StubHub's 'Ticket Oak' commercials raises many important, disturbing questions.


Ryan Lochte Delivered Pizzeria Combos To People On A Ferry In New York


When I read that <a href="" target="_blank">Olympic gold medal swimmer</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">failed reality TV star</a> Ryan Lochte was doing something yesterday that involved delivering pizza, I immediately had to go to my records and see who won the “What Will Ryan Lochte Do.


Bizarre Japanese Sushi Commercial


Here's the strangest sushi commercial you will ever see, courtesy of Japan.


Welp, That Was Quick: Taiwan Animation Covers ‘Football On Your Phone’

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Yesterday afternoon -- yes, yesterday afternoon -- <a href="" target="_blank">DirecTV posted a video of Peyton and Eli Manning rapping about being able to watch football on your phone</a> called (somewhat confusingly) 'Football On Your Phone.

action bronson

Action Bronson Once Starred In A Kotex Tampon Commercial


Watch a pre-famous Action Bronson appear in a tampon commercial.


With Leather’s Watch This: Is This Progressive Ad The Most Annoying Ad On TV?

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I see this Progressive ad that features Flo and Michael Buffer about five times a day if I leave the TV on while I'm working, and every time that I hear Buffer's trademark drawn out voice in the background, my skin crawls and blood boils as if someone is dragging the rustiest nails across a blackboard.


Thailand’s Tricky Push-Up Bra Ad


This push-up bra commercial from Thailand will probably cause a spike in sales.


7 Embarrassing Marketing Gaffes Made By Big Brands


Everyone makes mistakes, but it's especially entertaining when big brands make them.


The Tom Emanski Kickball Parody Is Here (And Needs More Fred McGriff)


This kickball-themed parody of those great old Tom Emanski instructional video commercials is the kind of funny that wins back-to-back-to-back viral video championships.


Video: Hello Flo’s ‘The Camp Gyno’ Is The Most Courageous Commercial Of The Year

By | 5 Comments

The online tampon delivery service Hello Flo is responsible for a very controversial ad entitled, "The Camp Gyno."

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