Meet The Actress Who Plays ‘Lily,’ Your AT&T Commercial Crush

By | 42 Comments

Milana Vayntrub is your biggest commercial crush of the year.


Watch The Bar Refaeli Commercial That Was Deemed Too Sexy To Air Before 10 P.M.

By | 7 Comments

Israel is cool with Bar Refaeli having sex with two puppets. But three? NOPE.


This Japanese Gum Commercial Features A Giant Godzilla-Sized Cat Because, Japan!


Only in Japan does biting into a stick of gum make a gigantic cat appear to help you through your day.


Probably The Best Insane Commercial For A German Grocery Store Ever

By | 3 Comments

That's it, I'm doing all my grocery shopping in Germany from now on.


Watch All Of Sunday’s Super Bowl Ads Now, So You’ll Have Time To Pee Then

By | 20 Comments

Plan on peeing during the Big Game on Sunday? Watch all the Super Bowl commercials now.


Australia Gets All The Good Banned Condom Commercials

By | 8 Comments

Can't imagine why the condom commercial with two people doing It in a drug store was banned.


The So-Called Scariest Commercial Ever Requires A Health Warning

By | 33 Comments

That's it: never going to Japan. Not after this commercial.


Rolling Stone’s ‘Rocker Vs. DJ’ Commercial Is One Big F*ck You To Electronic Music

By | 27 Comments

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Rolling Stone Italy made fun of EDM?


Someone Please Transcribe The Lyrics To Nokia’s ‘I Am A Veggie’ Commercial

By | 7 Comments

"I am a veggie, I am so tasty..." THEN WHAT, NOKIA LUMIA 1020 COMMERCIAL?


Adult Swim's Screw You Stunt Against ADHD Was Super Secretive

By | 23 Comments

Many accuse Fox's ADHD of being an Adult Swim ripoff, including Adult Swim, which took out ads against its competitor...on Fox.


‘Nobody Likes An Evil, Mean, Stinky Bully': Kids React To Racists Who Hate That Cheerios Ad

By | 5 Comments

Kids are wiser than adults, which they proved yet again with their smart comments about a multiracial Cheerios ad.


Bradley Cooper’s Häagen-Dazs Commercial Is Totally About Butts

By | 15 Comments

Please watch Bradley Cooper's Häagen-Dazs commercial, because it's about butts.


Everyone Hates Hyundai’s Suicidal ‘Pipe Job’ Ad

By | 36 Comments

How to sell a car: show a man trying to commit suicide, at least according to Hyundai.


Kmart’s New ‘Ship My Pants’ Commercial Is Kind Of Hilarious

By | 17 Comments

Kmart has a new commercial titled "Ship My Pants," and it is 30 uninterrupted seconds of poop jokes. Approved.


The 10 Best Questions And Theories About The Samsung Galaxy ‘Sex Tape’ Commercial

By | 57 Comments

A collection of amusing YouTube questions and theories about the now infamous Samsung Galaxy video swap commercial.

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