Watch The Bar Refaeli Commercial That Was Deemed Too Sexy To Air Before 10 P.M.

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Israel is cool with Bar Refaeli having sex with two puppets. But three? NOPE.


This Japanese Gum Commercial Features A Giant Godzilla-Sized Cat Because, Japan!


Only in Japan does biting into a stick of gum make a gigantic cat appear to help you through your day.


Probably The Best Insane Commercial For A German Grocery Store Ever

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That's it, I'm doing all my grocery shopping in Germany from now on.


Watch All Of Sunday’s Super Bowl Ads Now, So You’ll Have Time To Pee Then

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Plan on peeing during the Big Game on Sunday? Watch all the Super Bowl commercials now.


Australia Gets All The Good Banned Condom Commercials

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Can't imagine why the condom commercial with two people doing It in a drug store was banned.


The So-Called Scariest Commercial Ever Requires A Health Warning

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That's it: never going to Japan. Not after this commercial.

rolling stone

Rolling Stone’s ‘Rocker Vs. DJ’ Commercial Is One Big F*ck You To Electronic Music

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To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Rolling Stone Italy made fun of EDM?


Someone Please Transcribe The Lyrics To Nokia’s ‘I Am A Veggie’ Commercial

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"I am a veggie, I am so tasty..." THEN WHAT, NOKIA LUMIA 1020 COMMERCIAL?


Adult Swim's Screw You Stunt Against ADHD Was Super Secretive

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Many accuse Fox's ADHD of being an Adult Swim ripoff, including Adult Swim, which took out ads against its competitor...on Fox.


‘Nobody Likes An Evil, Mean, Stinky Bully': Kids React To Racists Who Hate That Cheerios Ad

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Kids are wiser than adults, which they proved yet again with their smart comments about a multiracial Cheerios ad.

ice cream

Bradley Cooper’s Häagen-Dazs Commercial Is Totally About Butts

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Please watch Bradley Cooper's Häagen-Dazs commercial, because it's about butts.


Everyone Hates Hyundai’s Suicidal ‘Pipe Job’ Ad

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How to sell a car: show a man trying to commit suicide, at least according to Hyundai.


Kmart’s New ‘Ship My Pants’ Commercial Is Kind Of Hilarious

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Kmart has a new commercial titled "Ship My Pants," and it is 30 uninterrupted seconds of poop jokes. Approved.

sex tapes

The 10 Best Questions And Theories About The Samsung Galaxy ‘Sex Tape’ Commercial

By | 57 Comments

A collection of amusing YouTube questions and theories about the now infamous Samsung Galaxy video swap commercial.

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