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Dan Harmon And The Cast Of ‘Community’ Helped To Bury Network Television At Comic-Con

By | 27 Comments

'Community' is still alive and well, proven by a fantastic panel at Comic-Con with news about the next season and the deal with Yahoo.


Watch Dan Harmon Talk All Things Dan Harmon Over Cocktails On ‘Speakeasy’

By | 5 Comments

"Community" showrunner Dan Harmon is the latest guest on Paul F. Tompkins's excellent web series, "Speakeasy."

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Here’s Your Guide To The Comic-Con 2014 TV Panels That Matter

By | 7 Comments

A guide to the biggest television-related panels at Comic-Con 2014.


Yahoo! Is Turning Land That Was Planned For Corporate Expansion Into A Parking Lot

By | 8 Comments

Aside from picking up 'Community', things aren't looking so great for Yahoo! right now.


Is That Garrett From ‘Community’ In That Weird AT&T Vampire Commercial?

By | 12 Comments

The AT&T U-Verse vampire-nerdy guy break up commercial is its own 'Community' easter egg.


Let’s Take A Moment To Honor The Shows We Know The Emmys Won’t Ever Celebrate

By | 58 Comments

There won't be many surprises when the Emmy nominations are announced, but we could shake things up by giving out some special honors.


Why And How ‘Community’ Ended Up At Yahoo, And Where It Goes From Here

By | 32 Comments

Here's your explanation for how the deal between "Community" and Yahoo came to be.


Watch Dan Harmon Get High And Freestyle Rap About F**king Your Mom

By | 20 Comments

Dan Harmon joined Steve Agee on the 'Getting Doug with High' web series, smoked some weed, and crushed a freestyle rap.


Important ‘Community’ News: Star-Burns Only Signs Jeff’s Face When Autographing Memorabilia

By | 10 Comments

Is Star-Burns hatred for Jeff Winger so strong it's bled into real life?

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Watch Joel McHale Parody Jerry Seinfeld With His Own ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Cocaine’

By | 8 Comments

Do you like 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee' with Jerry Seinfeld? Well, Joel McHale throws a curveball with 'Comedians In Cars Getting Cocaine.'


Joel McHale Discusses Being A Dyslexic TV Host And How His Mom Tried To Ruin His Career

By | 13 Comments

Joel McHale joined NPR's Terry Gross for a wide-ranging interview that covered everything from his dyslexia to his career in entertainment.


Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Closes With $5.4 Million In Donations, Setting A Record For Backers

By | 6 Comments

LeVar Burton's 'Reading Rainbow' goals have been met in record breaking fashion. But is this truly where it will end?


Everything’s Coming Up Greendale: Six Stories We’d Like To See In ‘Community’ Season 6

By | 41 Comments

"Community" is coming back for a sixth season (and a movie?), so here are six things we'd like to see.


There WILL Be A ‘Community’ Movie, And The Cast Responds On Twitter To Renewal

By | 73 Comments

Sony details the negotiation process and Fat Neil and the rest of the cast weighs in on the 'Community' renewal.

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