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You'll Never Guess Which 'Community' Star Got Pierce Hawthorne On An Online Quiz


Can you guess which 'Community' star got Pierce Hawthorne on an online quiz? It's the last person you'd think.


Dan Harmon Will Replace Your Wife On Your Phone Background No Questions Asked

By | 5 Comments

Winners: Dan Harmon, the internet. Losers: This guy's wife and this guy, probably


Is Donald Glover Returning To ‘Community’?

By | 26 Comments

Butt Soup might be coming back to Greendale.


Watch Dan Harmon Drink His Way Across America In The Trailer For 'Harmontown'

By | 6 Comments

Dan Harmon, creator of 'Community', travels America to drink alcohol, tell jokes, and talk about his life. Also, alcohol.


Gillian Jacobs Definitely Didn't Britta Her Appearance On Paul F. Tompkins's 'Speakeasy'

By | 8 Comments

Gillian Jacobs from "Community" appeared on Paul F. Tompkins's "Speakeasy" web series. She was delightful.


Wait, Was That A 'Breaking Bad' Reference On Last Week's 'Community'?

By | 12 Comments

Either it was, or Jonathan Banks is getting typecast as "Guy Who Handcuffs People to Things in Offices."


Check Out This College Picture Of John Oliver With His Now Famous Friends

By | 18 Comments

John Oliver began his career in the Cambridge Foothills, along with a couple of other celebrated British comics.

jimmy kimmel

This Dane Cook Bit Between Joel McHale & John Oliver From Tomorrow Night’s ‘Community’ Is Magical

By | 16 Comments

Ah, Community. Finding new and interesting ways to make fun of Dane Cook's career.

dani pudi

Three ‘Community’ Stars Will Be On Tonight’s ‘At Midnight’ And You’ll Never Guess Who

By | 3 Comments

Three of your favorite 'Community' stars are going to be on tonight's 'At Midnight.' You should probably tune in.


Too Soon, CNN. Way Too Soon.

By | 9 Comments

Being snowed in just got a little more enjoyable for Community fans.

Ass Crack Bandit

Take A Break And Investigate The Full Version Of Ben Folds’ Great ‘Ass Crack Bandit’ Song From ‘Community’

By | 12 Comments

The Ass Crack Bandit is still on the loose at Greendale, but you can find the full version of his Ben Folds-penned theme right here, courtesy of Dan Harmon.


Ranking, From Worst To Not As Bad, The 10 Sitcoms NBC Has Cancelled Since The Premiere Of ‘Community’

By | 81 Comments

An appreciation for all the failed NBC sitcoms , which made it possible for 'Community' to survive as long as it has.


Oh, By The Way Alison Brie Talked About The Chiropractor Who Touched Her Vagina On Kimmel Last Night

By | 11 Comments

Alison Brie reveals exactly where her chiropractor touched her and how you should be talking about Lego.

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