Dan Harmon Updates Us On The Potential Resurrection Of ‘Community’ And He’s Not Optimistic

By | 13 Comments

Dan Harmon is feeling cynical about the prospects of a 'Community' return, but when is Dan Harmon NOT feeling cynical?


Hulu Is In Talks To Resurrect ‘Community’ For A Sixth Season

By | 78 Comments

The dream of six seasons and a movie isn't dead for "Community."


Binge-Watching Guide, Part 2: Here’s How Long It Will Take You To Watch Even More Quality TV Shows

By | 14 Comments

According to this infographic, you can watch every season of "Justified" in two days. You have no excuse not to.


A Writer For ‘Community’ Explains How Dan Harmon Cured Him Of SWS (Sh*t Writing Syndrome)

By | 23 Comments

"Community" writer Andy Bobrow details how working with Dan Harmon made him a better writer.


An NBC Thursday Night Farewell: 8 Essential Must-See TV Episodes

By | 52 Comments

NBC's Must See TV lineup is dead, so let's reminiscence with some of the greatest NBC Thursday night sitcom episodes.


Dan Harmon Speaks About The Cancellation Of ‘Community,’ Which Probably Won’t Be Picked Up Elsewhere

By | 41 Comments

Dan Harmon grieved over the loss of 'Community' this weekend, while Deadline believes that 'Community' is dead for good.


The 10 Things We’ll Miss The Most About ‘Community’

By | 26 Comments

"Community" didn't get its sixth season (and a movie), but WE got Alison Brie GIFs.


Is ‘Community’ About To Be Cancelled? Uh, Looks Like It

By | 82 Comments

Executive producer and writer of 'Community' sent out an ominous tweet last night suggesting 'Community' was dead.


Joel McHale Called A Pack Of Comedy Superstars To Get Ready For The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

By | 3 Comments

Joel McHale expresses his apprehension at hosting the White House Correspondents' Dinner. but has a bit of help to calm his worries.


This Fan-Made ‘Community’ Video Begs NBC To Leave No Questions Unanswered

By | 11 Comments

In another #SixSeasonsAndAMovie plea, this fan-made video reminds NBC of all of the stories that still need to be wrapped up on 'Community.'


The ‘Community’ #SixSeasonsAndAMovie Campaign Posters Are Pretty Cool

By | 43 Comments

What official TV campaign would be complete without official graphics parodying an already iconic movie poster?


What’s On Tonight: ‘Community’s’ Out For Summer, ‘Community’s’ Out Forever?

By | 13 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including the "Community" series finale.


Joel McHale Has Tweeted The Aftermath Of The Alison Brie G.I. Joe Cake And Left The Best Pieces For Last

By | 16 Comments

The Alison Brie G.I. JOE 'Community' cake has been eaten. Joel McHale updates us on the aftermath.

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