Kendrick Lamar’s Ready To Take Over Rap’s Fourth Quarter

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An intimate look inside the life of King Kendrick.


Complex Asked Ariana Grande About That Black Dildo

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Mini pop princess talks sex toys and kissing boys.


Rihanna’s 7 Very Special Complex Magazine Covers

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Rihanna's always hot when she's standing in front of the camera lens.


Thanks To Complex Magazine, I’m Ready To Die

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For years, I've silently wondered how many people would show up at my funeral.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa: “Atlantic Wants More Pop Songs On O.N.I.F.C.”

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Wiz Khalifa's on the cover of Complex’s October/November 2012 issue and, in the accompanying feature, Wiz covers everything from his personal relationship with Amber Rose to his business relationship with Atlantic Records, shedding a little light on why the label may have stalled the release of his upcoming album O.


Slaughterhouse Vents On Complex’s “30 Best Rappers In Their 30’s” List

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"Yo, if they woulda made that list 10 years ago, I would've definitely brought some drama up there to that Complex office.


Let’s Fix Paulina Gretzky’s Complex Shoot

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Wayne Gretzky's daughter Paulina has become popular on the Internet for taking off her clothes and Instagramming it, and a couple of months ago when even her Stanley Cup mark photo had a yellow piss filter over it I asked: Has there ever been an un-instagram-filtered picture taken of Paulina Gretzky.

#Justin Bieber

The Greatest Justin Bieber Photo Shoot Ever


I suppose if I had a pre-teen daughter – and I pray this is purely hypothetical – I could understand the anger that some dads would have toward Justin Bieber.


Method Man Talks Smoking Dust, Creating “C.R.E.A.M.” & Other Shaolin Secrets

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Complex got Method Man to take part in one of their "25 Essentials" breakdowns and the outcome is one for the ages as Meth spills all kinds of info long held deep within the 36 Chambers.


Beyoncé Covers Complex, Says Jay-Z “Fathered Generations”

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As her press run for the album 4 continues, Beyoncé appears on the front cover of Complex Mag's next issue and she drops a heap of praise on her husband Jay-Z.


Freddie Gibbs, Complex And The Interview Of A Thousand Quotables

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Having had the pleasure of knowing Freddie Gibbs for coming up on two years now, the one aspect about Gary's favorite rebel I have grown to marvel more and more is his uncanny ability not to bite his tongue.


Before They Became Legendary: Hip-Hop’s Greatest Demos

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Photo: Complex Sometimes, depending on the situation, the Internet's quirky array of magic tricks can be a good or bad thing.


Complex Previews Pusha T’s Fear Of God

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The evolution of Pusha T "the solo artist" has been an interesting subplot in Hip Hop to follow.


Mr. Rager Strikes Again!

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Yesterday, Complex posted the outtakes from CuDi's cover story, which only served to toss a little more fuel to the fire as we got to read more of Mr.

Young Money

The Complexities Of Nicki Minaj

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Kid Cokey isn't the only rap star gracing Complex Mag this fall.

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