Artificial Intelligence

Google Has Taught Its Most Advanced Artificial Intelligence To… Play Video Games


Google has spent enormous amounts of money to build... what amounts to a thirteen-year-old from the 1970s.

computers are scary

Lenovo Is Selling Computers With Potentially Dangerous Adware Already Installed


Superfish, the pre-installed adware, could make it possible for hackers to steal your personal info.


Hack The Planet With This Supercut Of Nineties Movie Computer Scenes

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Watch this video supercut of some of the most ridiculous '90s movie computer hacking scenes.


Should You Buy A Chromebook?

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With the death of Windows XP, Google is pushing the Chromebook pretty hard.

NCAA Tournament

Which Team Has Georgia Tech's LRMC Picked To Win The NCAA Tournament?

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Georgia Tech's Logistic Regression/Markov Chain basketball computer ranking system has submitted its nerdy NCAA Tournament picks.


Holy Cow, India Is Bringing A $38 Tablet Computer To The US

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The cheap tablet computers originally offered only to students in India are coming to the US in 2014 for $38 apiece. Here's what $38 gets you.


Meme Watch: Overly Suave IT Guy Had Us At ‘Hello World’

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Reddit has entered the realm of the surreal with a new meme, The Overly Suave IT Guy. Is there such a thing?


‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Coming To The PC Early Next Year? Bring On The Mods!


We have good news for the 600,000 people who signed a petition asking Rockstar Games to make a version of 'Grand Theft Auto V' for the PC.


Mathematical! A Real BMO From ‘Adventure Time’ Was Built From LEGO And A $35 Computer.

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BMO from 'Adventure Time' has been re-created in real life with LEGO and a Raspberry Pi running Linux to play games and surf the web.


Top Government Scientist: Computer Technologically Will Stop Advancing In 2025

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According to Moore's Law, processor speeds will double every two years. DARPA thinks that'll stop being the case a decade from now.


So Florida May Have Accidentally Banned Computers And Smartphones

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Florida, in its haste to keep people from gambling on the Internet, may have been a wee bit overzealous.


Doug Engelbart, Inventor Of The Mouse, Has Passed Away At Age 88

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An icon in the field of the development of modern computers and the inventor of the mouse, Doug Engelbart passed away last night at the age of 88.


Dubstep Goes Back To Its Roots With This Old School Remix Of Skrillex's 'Bangarang'

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Ever wanted to hear Stephen Hawking and a bunch of robots rock a cover of "Bangarang"? Here's the next best thing!


The World Wide Web Went Public 20 Years Ago Today. Let Us Celebrate With Internet Goodness.

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Today is the World Wide Web's 20th birthday in the public domain. Let's celebrate with pictures both about the web and made possible by the web. So meta.


Google Goes Pro With Chromebook Pixel Laptop

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Google has unleashed the Chromebook Pixel. But what the heck is it, exactly?

#video games

'Skyrim' With 100 Graphics Mods Running Simultaneously Is A Glimpse Into The Future Of Gaming

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Here is an amazing set of 'Skyrim' screenshots and video, using varying combinations of around 100 mods to create absurdly detailed graphics.

Winnie the Pooh

So Much Pooh In The Afternoon Links


Today's links, featuring an abundance of Pooh and a sweet computer that slices and dices.


‘Windows 95 Tips’ Documents The Horror Of ’90s Computing As We Remember It

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If you've used a Windows 95 computer, you're surely familiar with its sinister properties. Now 'Windows 95 Tips' has emerged to show just how evil it was.

megan fox

Megan Fox Talks To Dolphins And Loves Science In An Ad For A Product We’ve Forgotten Already

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Megan Fox walks out of a pitch meeting about "unicorns, zebras, you're in your underwear... in space" so that she can focus on talking to dolphins.

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