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So Much Pooh In The Afternoon Links

Today's links, featuring an abundance of Pooh and a sweet computer that slices and dices.


‘Windows 95 Tips’ Documents The Horror Of ’90s Computing As We Remember It


If you've used a Windows 95 computer, you're surely familiar with its sinister properties. Now 'Windows 95 Tips' has emerged to show just how evil it was.

megan fox

Megan Fox Talks To Dolphins And Loves Science In An Ad For A Product We’ve Forgotten Already


Megan Fox walks out of a pitch meeting about "unicorns, zebras, you're in your underwear... in space" so that she can focus on talking to dolphins.


Google Confuses DMX

Rapper DMX has his first encounter with Google.


LEGO and Raspberry Pi Used To Make A Cheap Supercomputer (Sort Of)

Professor Simon Cox and his son James have built a supercomputer of sorts using LEGO bricks to rack and stack Raspberry Pi $25 computers.


Why Are New Computers Still So Overloaded With Bloatware?


You know all those crappy little programs new laptops come with? Yeah, those. They're called bloatware, and they belong in the '90s.


Noisy Typer

Noisy Typer is a real, free piece of software that plays typewriter sounds as you type.


The First Picture Ever Uploaded To The Web Is Exactly What You'd Expect


Next Wednesday marks the 20th anniversary of the first photograph uploaded to the world wide web. We offer the backstory on this masterwork.

the computer is a cheating bastard

Computer Software Can Watch You Play a Game and Then Beat You


Anybody who has ever played an NES game has muttered the words "the computer is cheating".


So That's Why YouTube Videos Freeze at 301 Views

It happens to every newly viral video on YouTube.


Computer Time Interrupted (And Links)

‘SNL’ Recap: Say Goodbye to Kristen Wiig, Say Hello to Mick Jagger |Warming Glow| No One Told Community Showrunner Dan Harmon He Was Being Canned, Says Dan Harmon |UPROXX| Meme Watch: Douchebag Guitarist Is Ready To Tear Up Guitar Center With Some [...].


Floppy Drives Would Like To Know, 'What is Love?'

We've posted music made by floppy drives before (I could be doing right now.


People Are Paying How Much Extra For The “$25 Computer” At Auction?

Eben Upton, the executive director of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, recently stood in front of a Skyrim map while making a video announcing the auction of the first ten Raspberry Pi computers.


The $25 Computer’s First Batch Is In Beta

The $25 Raspberry Pi computer (which can run Quake III) is still on track for production next year, and they've released pictures (after the break) of their first batch of beta devices.


Final PCB Design Revealed For The $25 Computer That Can Run Quake III

Not pictured: Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner on lightcycles.


Add A Mini-Fridge To This Steampunk Computer Crapper And We’ll Never Have To Get Up Again


(click to enlarge) The glorious invention above is called "Steampunk Time Machine Antique Master Bathroom Computer Workstation", which is mostly true.


Tip Your 40s For Dennis Ritchie, The Giant Whose Shoulders We Stand Upon

although we'd like to believe he died while valiantly saving humanity from an army of heavily-armed velociraptors riding sharks.


Holy Cow, India Really Did Launch That $35 Tablet Computer

Awhile back I said India's $35 tablet computer for students would never happen, but now I'm going to have to slather my words with curry and eat them.

#Star Wars

Floppy Disk Drives Playing The Imperial March From Star Wars Are Apparently A Thing

Silent, an electronics hobbyist in Poland, hacked a couple floppy drives to play The Imperial March, as seen in the first video after the jump.

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