‘Portlandia’ Helpfully Demonstrates Why The Best Part Of A Concert Is Going Home

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In this clip from 'Portlandia', Fred and Carrie show us why concerts are not always as fun as most people think they are.


Watch Justin Timberlake’s Funny & Charming Reaction To Two Fans Flipping Him The Bird

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Hecklers give Justin Timberlake the finger during a concert in Philly. Timberlake responds like a dashingly handsome champion.


This Is What It Looks Like When You Get Scammed For Red Hot Chili Peppers Tickets

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A Redditor just shared with caption, "My friend paid $228 for two Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets, and got this in the mail..."

Trey Anastasio

42 People Were Arrested At The Atlantic City Phish Concerts And You’ll Never Guess Why

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Atlantic City police arrested as many as 42 Phish fans during their three shows last week, recovering plenty of drugs in the process.

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Foo Fighters Made A Commercial For Their Mexico Concerts And It Is Awesome

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After announcing their hiatus in 2012, Foo Fighters are already back with two concert dates in Mexico.


Here’s A Photo Of 92-Year-Old Abe Vigoda Dressed As A Wombat At A Phish Show

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Good for Abe Vigoda for not being dead...and for dancing at a Phish show dressed as a wombat.


Beyoncé Perfectly Timed A Selfie-Bomb Of A Ridiculously Photogenic Teenager At Her Concert

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The media pretty much tells the whole story, but since I'm a serious journalist I dug deeper.

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Pearl Jam Gave This 8-Year-Old Kid The Best First Concert Experience Ever Last Night

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Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder is close to usurping Dave Grohl for the "coolest middle-aged rock star" title.

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Jimmy Kimmel Has Again Tricked Concertgoers Into Praising Non-Existent Bands

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Jimmy Kimmel had a correspondent visit the Rock the Bells festival and get attendees' opinions about non-existent bands.


John Fogerty Performed With Mumford & Sons And The Vaccines As His Backup Bands Saturday Night

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After fun. backed out of the Gentlemen of the Road show in St. Augustine due to illness, John Fogerty played a set with Mumford & Sons.

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Green Day Played The Entire Dookie Album Last Night At The Brixton Academy In London

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In honor of the album's birthday in 2014, Green Day played all of Dookie in order last night at the Brixton Academy in London.


Video: Justin Bieber Covered Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' At His Detroit Show

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At his show in Detroit last night, Justin Bieber performed a lacluster cover of Eminem's "Lose Yourself."


Beyoncé Tells A Concertgoer Filming Her To ‘Put That Damn Camera Down’


When you're at a Beyoncé show, watch Beyoncé, not your damn iPhone.


Pittsburgh Wants To Ban Kenny Chesney After 73 Fans Of His Were Arrested During A Concert

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Country fans in Pittsburgh trashed the parking lot during a Kenny Chesney concert. BAN CHESNEY.

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Rihanna Hit A Grabby Fan With Her Microphone

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After an overzealous fan grabbed her by the arm, Rihanna reached over and hit him on the head with her microphone.

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Honest Music Festival Commercial


It's the summer event that'll have you spending $100 a day to stand in a hot field and hear bad sounds.


There’s Only One Perk To Attending A Taylor Swift Concert With Your Girlfriend, And This Is It

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Just kidding, there are no perks. But if you're a glass half full kind of guy...

yeah yeah yeahs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs To Concert-Goers: Put Those “Motherf*cking” Cameras Away

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Photo: SPIN Viewing concerts through the megapixel lenses and HD screens of smartphones has become an almost-Freudian urge concert-goers have grappled with over the last decade.

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