A Huge Breakthrough In Brain Injury Testing, And What It Could Mean For Pro Sports

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Testing for CTE while athletes are still living could dramatically change how sports organizations deal with head injuries.


Of Course Roger Goodell’s New Chief Medical Officer Isn’t A Concussions Expert And Has Ties To The Patriots

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To fill his newly created medical expert role, the Commissioner hired a ... cardiologist?


Two Former Wrestlers Are Suing WWE Over Concussions (If They Can Remember What Happened)

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Two former WWE wrestlers are suing the company over concussions and severe neurological damage. Spoiler alert, one of them wore a dress.

Chris Conte

One NFL Player Says He’d Rather Die Early Than Not Play In The League

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Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte was inactive for the drubbing his team took at the hands of the New Orleans Saints on Monday due to yet another injury that up to this point have plagued his 2014 season.

#The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Beat ‘Sunday Night Football’ In The Key Ratings Again


Since fictional zombies are beating real ones at the ratings game, maybe NBC should arm players with machetes and firearms.


The NFL Could Soon Be Using Magnets To Reduce Concussions

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A magnet in the helmet won't reduce all concussions, but it could help the NFL keep them from being too traumatic.


‘Key & Peele’ Take On The NFL Concussion Issue In Hilarious Fashion

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Well it's about time "Key & Peele" take on the NFL concussion issue.


Report: Paul George Diagnosed With Concussion


According to a release by the Indiana Pacers, Paul George suffered a concussion in Game 2 against the Miami Heat on Tuesday night.


British Skier Rowan Cheshire Tweeted The Gnarliest Selfie Of The Olympics

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Freestyle skier Rowan Cheshire Tweeted a selfie of the injuries she suffered to her face during a training accident on the halfpipe yesterday.


Timothy Olyphant From ‘Justified’ Explains Why He Won’t Let His Kids Play Football, Shares His Diagnosis For OJ Simpson

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Justified star Timothy Olyphant revealed why he wouldn't let his kids play organized football, and what he thinks might be wrong with OJ Simpson.


Pete Holmes Admits To Possibly Destroying The Ninja Turtles On Conan

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Remember Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Maybe comedian Pete Holmes is Krang.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 6/17/13: I Wish Mark Henry Would Retire Every Week

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Pre-show notes: - Comments, shares, likes, and anything else that gets people to come here are appreciated, as always.


Ex-Bears QB Jim McMahon Suffers From Dementia, Wishes He Played Baseball

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While every fan of the NFL rejoices the end of one of the shortest, yet ugliest eras in the game’s history, there remains the permanent black cloud of concussions and head trauma looming over the league’s head.


Head Games (Trailer)


Head Games tells the story of football player and wrestler Chris Nowinski's quest to uncover the truth about the consequences of sports related head injuries.


Gregg Williams Didn't Do Anyone Any Favors

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The New Orleans Saints were under investigation for running an alleged bounty program after they won the Super Bowl in 2009.


Sidney Crosby to Retire, Says Caps Fan Writing This

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Bob McCown of the Fan590 in Toronto made waves on Friday when he reported he had heard Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby's family was trying to convince him to retire for fear of risking more injury.


Retired Football Player Commits Suicide, Saves His Brain

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Dave Duerson played 11 years in the NFL with three different teams.

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