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New House Majority Whip Steve Scalise Admitted To Speaking At A White-Supremacist Convention In 2002

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House Majority Whip Steve Scalise confirmed that he spoke at a convention for a group backed by former Ku Klux Klan member David Duke.

#The Interview

Now Congress Wants To Have A Screening For ‘The Interview’ On Capitol Hill

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Seth Rogen and James Franco might hit the big screen yet, this in the halls of Congress when they screen 'The Interview.'


Watch Bill Maher Go Off On Youth Culture, Ageism, And Our Love Of The Booty On ‘Real Time’

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Bill Maher closed off the latest episode of 'Real Time' by complaining about ageism, youth culture, and big butt obsession.

#The Daily Show

Watch Jon Stewart Lose His Mind Over The Stupidity Of The Congressmen Who Make Climate Change Laws

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Here's a reminder that many of the people who make laws that govern our society or either idiots, whores to lobbyists, or both.


This Senator Quickly Finds Out Why You Don’t Hold A Press Conference On A Metro Platform

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Sen. Richard Blumenthal is counting his lucky stars after this close encounter with a speeding metro train.


Seth Rogen Would Like You To Know That All The Senators Left During His Alzheimer’s Research Testimony

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We've all watched Seth Rogen testify before the Senate about Alzheimer’s research, but what we didn't realize was no Senators stuck around.


Must Watch: Seth Rogen Testifies Before The Senate About Alzheimer’s Research

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"Yes, I’m aware this has nothing to do with the legalization of marijuana." Seth Rogen testifies before a Senate committee on Alzheimer's Research.


Here’s Clay Aiken Proving That Anyone Can Run For Congress In America

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American Idol's second season runner-up, Clay Aiken, will run for Congress in North Carolina. This is a real story.


Watch Jon Stewart Explain How ‘Incredibly Smooth-Chested Boy Man’ Justin Bieber Is Just Like Congress


Last night The Daily Show broke protocol and led with two top stories of equal importance.


Members Of Congress Take A Break To Rip Off Jimmy Kimmel And Read Some Mean Tweets

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These members of congress really must've pissed someone off to get these mean tweets. Or maybe they just woke up this morning?


‘The Daily Show’s’ Extensive Budget Deal Coverage Came Complete With A ‘Die Hard’ Parody

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With Congress not giving in to their give in to their penchant for f*ck-uppery. The Daily Show went all in last night.


The Government Is Making Bank On Student Loans! Isn’t That Great?

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$1.2 trillion in student loan debt is creating big profits for the government and big pains for students.


Can Congress Fix The Cable Industry And Give Hope To Cord Cutters?

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New legislation aims to loosen the vice grip on media distribution while providing freedom of choice to consumers.

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New Poll: America Likes Hemorrhoids And Cockroaches More Than Congress

By | 4 Comments

According to Public Policy Polling, more Americans like having hemorrhoids than they like Congress. Sounds about right.


Allow John Oliver To Explain Why Congress Is The Time Warner Cable Of Government

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I'll leave the lesson to him but it involves both Time Warner Cable and X-Men so now I get it.

taiwanese animation

Taiwanese Animation: The Fiscal Cliff


The fiscal cliff receives the always absurd and entertaining Taiwanese animation treatment.


The Political Victory Nobody Is Talking About: Kate Upton’s Uncle Won His Election

By | 10 Comments

I don’t know anything about Michigan’s Fred Upton and his politics, but for circumstances that are important to the very fabric with which this site operates, I had to look them up.


Derpy Louisiana Congressman John Fleming Thinks The Onion Publishes Real News

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As anyone who pays attention can attest, the current crop of elected officials in Congress ranks among the more doltish of all-time, which is saying a lot, as this nation has sent some real retards to Washington over the years.

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