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Politicians Who Don’t Understand The Internet Just Aren’t Funny Anymore

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I've ranted quite a bit here and in other places about the absurdity of having people who know absolutely nothing about the internet -- and who also don't exhibit the slightest desire to do anything to remedy their ignorance -- being the ones who make laws regulating it.


Congress Updates Law So Netflix Can Spam Your Facebook


You might remember Robert Bork, if you're a total nerd: every time somebody on Fox News screams about "legislating from the bench," they're quoting Bork.


Meme Watch: Pizza Is Apparently A Vegetable


Last week, the United States Congress passed a revised agriculture appropriations bill that basically stated that 1/8th of a cup of tomato paste could qualify as a half cup of vegetables in terms of nutritional value.


Weiner Packs It In


New York Representative Anthony Weiner resigned today, meaning we can finally stop making Weiner puns.

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YouTube Song Covers Could Now Land You In Jail for 5 Years

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Oh so you want to do a cover of your favorite song and put it on YouTube, perhaps in the hopes of putting yourself on the music industry map, just like my little songbird friend Lelia Broussard did a couple of years ago with her cover of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" embedded above.


Even Congress Hates Jay Cutler

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In last season's NFC Championship game against the Packers, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler hurt his knee (or didn't hurt his knee) and took a powder.


De La Soul’s Debut Becomes A National Treasure

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As residents of a renown, yet contained community, it is still vital that we protect our own and stick up for one another when outsiders breach our gates.


All The Animal News That’s Fit To Print


Animal News The bobcat seen above climbed a 40-foot-tall cactus in Arizona to hide from a mountain lion.

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Congressmen Want Crazy Warning For Violent Video Games

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You know how politicians love to trot out hyped up "evidence" that violent games can make kids into violent savages.


How Much Money Has Wikipedia’s Creepy Campaign Raised?

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We've been making fun of Wikipedia's urgent pleas from founder Jimmy Wales for awhile now, but one thing is undeniable: their campaign is working.


Roger Clemens Doesn’t Really Get It

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Since being indicted last week on charges of perjury and obstruction, among other felonies, Roger Clemens has been feverishly denying the allegations that he ever used performance-enhancing drugs and especially that he lied to Congress.

#Star Wars


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George Lucas was on Capitol Hill Tuesday, and since congress is full of dorky old white guys, he felt right at home – or at least, as right at home as is possible for a borderline autistic.

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