Drunken Teachers

A Connecticut Teacher Reportedly Showed Up Drunk Then Peed His Pants And Attacked A Student

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A local community is baffled by a series events that resulted in a high school teacher being removed from a high school in handcuffs.


Here’s Something You Didn’t Expect: The Vince McMahon Center For Women

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A new shelter has opened in Connecticut thanks to a $500,000 gift from a foundation run by Linda and Vince McMahon.


There Was An Unidentified Powder Scare At WWE Headquarters Yesterday

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Police responded to a report of an unidentified powder at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, causing a scare. Maybe it was just Stardust?


A ‘Futurama’ Tribute Shut Down Trains Across Southwestern Connecticut

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Bender got as close to killing all humans as he ever will thanks to this Futurama tribute gone wrong.


A 17-Year Old Leslie Knope Wannabe Asked Joe Biden To Prom And He Sent Her A Sweet Gift

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Joe Biden was too busy to make a Connecticut girl's prom dream come true, but he still sent her something that made her invite worthwhile.


Andre Drummond Commemorated The Sandy Hook Shootings By Writing The Names Of The 26 Victims On His Shoes


Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond honored the lives of the Sandy Hook shooting victims by writing their names on his shoes during Sunday's home game.

high school

Chris Berman’s Commencement Speech At A High School Graduation Was Apparently Awful

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According to students in attendance, ESPN's Chris Berman gave a rambling and potentially drunken high school graduation speech in Connecticut last Friday.


MMA Is Now Legal Everywhere But In That Weird New York Shaped Red Part

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Don't worry, that headline's not really supposed to make sense.

rich people

The Most Expensive House In America Will Cost You A Mere $190 Million

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At an amazing $190 million, the Copper Beach Farm estate in Greenwich, CT is being sold by John Rudey and is the most expensive home for sale in the U.S.


The Big East Will Sell Its Name To The Big East

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So this might get confusing but it's not: 2013 looks to be the final year of the Big East basketball tournament with 2014 marking the first-annual Big East tournament.

#video games

Aw Nuts, The Video Game Burning Is Off

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Great -- now what am I going to do with my copies of 007 Legends and NeverDead?


Connecticut Town Plans A Good Old-Fashioned Video Game Burning. We React With GIFs.

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Later this month, a town in Connecticut about 30 miles from Newtown will offer cash for "violent" video games, music, and movies, which will then be burned.


Big East’s Catholic Schools Officially Announce Exit, Will Begin Basketball-Only Conference In 2015

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The nail in the Big East's coffin was all but set earlier this week, but Saturday's announcement that the conference's seven Catholic, basketball-only schools would leave in 2015 was the official end point.


Moment Of Silence: The Connecticut School Shooting

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Image: Reuters We're going to refrain from updating for a bit in light of the tragedy that occurred at a Connecticut elementary school early Friday morning.


College Super Tournament Of Nike Schools Is Close To Happening


Sixteeen Nike-sponsored universities from eight college conferences are getting closer to creating a branded tournament as a tribute to Nike co-founder Phil Knight in 2017, ESPN reported yesterday.


Despite What This Video Says, There Is A Way, Yo

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Taking the Sports-o-sphere by storm today is this video from a Connecticut high school football game between Hillhouse and North Haven.


Wheelchair Boxing Is Next Big Thing

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Ian Cannon is a freshman at the University of Hartford and he is confined to a wheelchair because of cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegia.

University of Connecticut

Kemba Walker, UConn’s Best Days Could Be Ahead Of Them

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College basketball analysts and experts love teams with experience.

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