Nintendo May Already Be Working On A New Console

By | 12 Comments

Nintendo may be working on the Wii U's successor. And it may be closer than we think.

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Man, The Xbox One In Japan Is Just… Sad

By | 19 Comments

The Xbox One has gone from joke to utter failure in Japan in the space of, uh, three weeks. Ouch.


Not Even Sony Knows Who’s Buying All These PS4s

By | 15 Comments

The PS4 is selling faster than possibly any other game console... but nobody, including Sony, knows who's buying it.

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Why The PS4 And The Xbox One Aren’t Selling Games

By | 20 Comments

The Xbox One and the PS4 can sell consoles... but strangely, they've been unable to sell actual games.

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Sega Will Produce An Anime Starring Its Consoles

By | 3 Comments

Honestly, it's kind of amazing Sega is still in business, at this point.


Amazon's Game Console Will Debut On Wednesday

By | 3 Comments

Amazon's game console could be arriving sooner than we think.


Amazon Really Might Be Delivering A Game Console

By | 11 Comments

Amazon apparently is delivering another game console. But will it sell?

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GameStop: People Are Buying New Consoles… But Not Games

By | 12 Comments

GameStop had a good year... but it wasn't because they sold any games.


There Are Going To Be A Lot Of Steam Machine Consoles

By | 17 Comments

There's only one Xbox One. And only one PS4. And a whole crapton of Steam Machines, apparently.

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The Xbox One Interface Is About To Get More Like Windows 8

By | 27 Comments

Nobody really likes the Xbox One's interface. So Microsoft is going to make it more like Windows 8! That'll help!

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Can You Get An Xbox One On Launch Day? Quite Possibly!

By | 3 Comments

There will be Xbox One stock on the shelves... but it may not be there for long.

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Should You Buy The Xbox One? Here Are Five Reasons You Shouldn’t.

By | 31 Comments

The Xbox One is too flawed, too blinded by its own ambitions, to realize that it's just another console.

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How To Get A PS4 For Christmas Without A Preorder

By | 12 Comments

No preorder this Christmas? No problem. Here's how to get a PS4 for under the tree.

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Five Surprising Things About The PS4

By | 16 Comments

The PS4 arrives today, and it has some surprises in store. Some bad, and some good.

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What The PS4 Learned From The PS3’s Launch

By | 8 Comments

The PS4 arrives tomorrow... in a very different launch from its predecessor.


‘South Park’ Spoofed ‘Game Of Thrones’ And Took On The Xbox One Versus PS4 Console Wars Last Night

By | 8 Comments

Last night's episode of 'South Park' satirized Black Friday, 'Game Of Thrones', and the Xbox One versus PS4 console war.

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Here’s Why You Should Buy The PS4

By | 23 Comments

The PS4 is coming, but do you want one? We make the case for buying Sony's latest console.

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Ten Interesting, Odd And Infuriating Things About The PS4

By | 48 Comments

The PS4 will need to be authenticated to play Blu-Rays... and that's just the start of the weirdness.

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The Nintendo 2DS: All Your Questions Answered

By | 6 Comments

The Nintendo 2DS comes out tomorrow: Here's everything you need to know.

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Would You Like To Play With Valve’s New Console, The Steam Machine?

By | 14 Comments

The Steam Machine is real, and Valve wants you to test it. Well, provided you meet the criteria.

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