Here’s Randy Quaid ‘F*cking’ His Rupert Murdoch Mask-Wearing Wife

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Randy Quaid and Evi Quaid have released a bizarre YouTube in which Randy simulates doggy-style sex with his wife to attack Rupert Murdoch.


The Fact And Fiction Of ‘National Treasure’ On The 10th Anniversary Of Its Release

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Ten years ago today, 'National Treasure' hit theaters and Nic Cage took us on a wild ride to find the treasure of the Freemasons.


Is Capital One A ‘Cool’ Corporation Or Are They Manipulating The Internet For PR?

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Lets see if the internet can have a civil discussion on whether or not a big bank just did something nice or if it's FAAAAKE.

#LeBron James

Jeff Van Gundy Took A Subtle Jab At NBA Referees Regarding LeBron James

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When learning just how rare it is for LeBron James to foul out of a game, Jeff Van Gundy called it 'interesting' in his most subtle voice.


This Loud Dude Has Finally Proven That The Self Hail Mary Is Fake

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Because it had to be done, this brave man finally proved that the high schooler behind the self Hail Mary is a total fraud.


Watch Stephen Colbert Shame The Hell Out Of Batsh*t Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Theorists

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Some right-wing pundits have accused Hillary Clinton of staging her daughter's pregnancy and having a shoe thrown at her. Politics are cool!


Lorde Is 17 Years Old, Unless She Isn’t

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Is Lorde 17 years old? Or is she 45? Let's investigate.

my bloody valentine

My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields Thinks Britpop Was A Government Conspiracy


"Britpop was massively pushed by the government," claims My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields.

the devil

Is Lena Dunham Satan In Disguise?

By | 72 Comments

It's no secret that Lena Dunham is a polarizing figure, arguably the most polarizing figure since fish tacos. (Seriously people, tacos were meant to contain MEAT, not FISH!!!) But is she Satan? Possibly!

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