Was The Chernobyl Meltdown Engineered By The Soviet Union?

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A new documentary argues the Soviet Union engineered the Chernobyl meltdown to cover up a far more embarrassing failure.


Oliver Stone Took A Break From His Edward Snowden Movie To Chat About Ukraine And The CIA On Facebook

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Oliver Stone is hard at work on his new Edward Snowden movie, but he's still got time for a good CIA conspiracy theory.

Conspiracy Theories

Introduce Yourself To The Insane Theory That Proves Alex Jones Is Really Bill Hicks

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An online video has sparked an insane debate over the possibility that radio host Alex Jones is actually late comedian Bill Hicks.


Brittany Murphy’s Dad Goes Off On The ‘Atrocious’ Actress Playing Murphy In Lifetime’s ‘Hideous’ Biopic

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Amanda Fuller, who plays Brittany Murphy in the biopic, has had to block Murphy's Dad on Twitter in response to his cyberbullying.


The Seattle Police Department Is Being Sued Over Kurt Cobain’s Death Scene Photos

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The Seattle Police Dept. is being sued by a self-described investigative journalist over Kurt Cobain's recently released death scene photos. So wrong.


Malaysia Airlines: 'All Evidence Suggests The Plane Went Down In The Southern Indian Ocean'

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The search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is ongoing, while Australian pilots have spotted new objects in the water there's also a sad update for the families.


Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Update: Did A Chinese Satellite Spot The Wreckage?


Did a Chinese satellite spot the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370? Maybe!


CNN's Don Lemon Wonders If A Black Hole Swallowed Flight 370 In The Most Insane Theory Yet

By | 16 Comments

Don Lemon throws rationality into a Black Hole by thinking a Black Hole swallowed Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Seriously.


Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Update: Is The Debris From The Plane Or Is This Another Red Herring?


Debris has been spotted in the Indian Ocean, but is it Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 or just another dead end?


Bill Nye Joined In On The Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Speculation And Sounded Quite Rational

By | 10 Comments

Bill Nye joins in on the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 theories and speculation and comes out sounding the most rational.


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Update: Investigators Find Simulator Data Was Erased As The Search Refocuses


Your latest Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 update that includes deleted flight simulator data, new evidence on the course change, and new search information.


Here's The Latest Insane Yet Plausible Conspiracy Theory About Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

By | 28 Comments

This new conspiracy theory about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is insane, but also incredibly plausible.


Here's A Simple Theory On What May Have Happened To Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

By | 19 Comments

This theory on what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 seems to be the most reasonable and acceptable theories. Lies! It was Bigfoot in a dress!


Despite Her Best Efforts, Courtney Love Has Not Found Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

By | 9 Comments

Using the expanded map coverage from Tomnod, Courtney Love, of all people, thinks that she found where the missing Malaysia Airlines plane crashed.


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Update: Pilot’s House Raided, Flight Simulators, And A Widened Search

By | 7 Comments

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is still missing. The pilots are suspect, more countries are joining in the search, and questions remain unanswered.


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Update: Hijacking, Seven Hours Flown From Last Contact, And Other Theories

By | 9 Comments

More and more theories arise about the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, but little definitive answers.

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New Viral Video For ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past': Did Magneto Assassinate JFK, Or Was He Framed?

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Here's a viral video from 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' about Magneto being convicted for the JFK assassination.

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Does The New $100 Bill Predict A Nuclear Attack On New York City? Maybe.

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According to one conspiracy theorist, the new $100 bill, when folded properly, predicts that nuclear missiles will cause a tidal wave in New York City.


10 UFC 162 Main Event Conspiracies That I Just Made Up Off The Top Of My Head

By | 25 Comments

In case you didn’t join us for Saturday’s UFC 162 live discussion or you’re Amish, showboatin’ Anderson Silva dropped a turd in the hot tub that is his legacy by losing via second round TKO to Chris Weidman in the main event.

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Nike Already Made A Pair Of NBA Champion Shoes For LeBron James


Photos of a new pair of Nike LeBron James X Low Floral hit the web today, and they include the phrase "2-time champion" on the insole of the right shoe.

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