KFC Japan’s Fried Chicken Keyboard Is The Prize That No Man Should Ever Win

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KFC Japan's fans can register to win a keyboard covered in little fried chicken pieces or a mouse that looks like a drumstick.


When IKEA Holds A Costume Contest, We All Win.

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IKEA's Malaysian division announced a contest, asking their Facebook fans to dress up as any IKEA product. The results are spectacular.


We Demand A Recount For The Winners Of The 2014 X-Ray Contest For Animals

By | 3 Comments

From socks to light bulbs, the entrants and winners of this year's Veterinary Practice News 'They Ate WHAT?' contest will have you grinning.


‘Archer’s Amber Nash Is Holding A ‘Say Pam Poovey Quotes To Unaware Strangers’ Contest On Twitter

By | 9 Comments

Tell a stranger to shut their dick holster and you could win Amber Nash's 'Archer' swag.


And Now, The Best Of The WWE Totino’s BOLD ‘Show Us Your Superstar’ Contest

By | 22 Comments

WWE is teaming up with a frozen pizza company to find the next WWE Superstar. Spoiler alert: it's none of these people.

#video games

Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Preorder Scheme Is Like A Parody Of Preorder Schemes

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'Assassin's Creed Unity' has a preorder bonus... spinning the wheel o' stuff to see what licensed items you get.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Yahoo! Is Giving World Cup Fans The Chance To Take On José Mourinho In Fantasy Action

By | 3 Comments

Chelsea manager José Mourinho has teamed up with Yahoo! for some World Cup fantasy action and a special video showcase contest.


You Can Buy The Banshee Bravado From ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ For $170K On eBay

By | 8 Comments

A woman who won a West Coast Customs version of the hottest car in GTA V is selling it on eBay to pay for her sons' college.


Here’s The Trailer For Belle Knox’s Porn Reality Show, ‘The Sex Factor’

By | 58 Comments

The trailer for 'The Sex Factor' is here and it looks just as good as we thought it would.


Scrabble Is Holding A Contest To Let You Pick A New Word For Its Dictionary

By | 10 Comments

Fans can nominate words to be considered for Scrabble's dictionary on Hasbro's Facebook page through March 28. Get your votes in for Kwyjibo.


Come And Watch The 5 Doritos Ad Finalists That Could Make It To The Super Bowl

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Doritos has chosen 5 finalists in the 'Crash The Super Bowl' contest. Only 2 get in. Wipe off that cheesy dust onto your white socks and give all 5 a look.


Oscar Mayer Wants To Give You The Keys To The Wienermobile For Eight Hours

By | 2 Comments

With the right Tweet, you can win a lease for the Oscar Mayer 2014 Wienermobile to use as you see fit for eight hours.


For Just $10 You Can Win A Hot Date With George Clooney

By | 3 Comments

Omaze is currently raising money for the Satellite Sentinel Project, and the big winner gets a date night with George Clooney.


Enter To Win Free Boxes Of Panini Trading Cards

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Enter to win free trading cards courtesy of Panini and TSS.

virgin mobile freefest

Win Tickets To Virgin Mobile FreeFest 2013 HERE

By | 11 Comments

Want to see Vampire Weekend and Robin Thicke at Virgin Mobile FreeFest? Here's how.


‘Sharknado’ Producers Offering One Lucky Person The Chance To Get Eaten By A Shark In Their Next Movie

By | 4 Comments

The producers of 'Sharknado' are having a contest to let one viewer be a victim in their next shark-based disaster movie.


The Virginia Zoo Wants Your Help In Naming This Baby Giraffe

By | 5 Comments

Born on June 6, the newest baby giraffe at the Virginia Zoo needs a name, so the animal experts have reached out to the public with a special contest.


Watch People Hilariously Lose A Staring Contest For A Samsung Galaxy S4

By | 11 Comments

Earning a Galaxy S4 is a lot harder than it looks. BA-DUM-TISH!


Hey Everyone, Let’s Help The Dallas Mavericks Design Their New Uniforms!

By | 7 Comments

Earlier this week, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban – “The Cube” to us bros – <a href="http://blogmaverick.com/2013/05/13/help-the-mavs-design-our-next-uniform/" target="_blank">announced on his blog</a> that the Mavs were going to get a makeover.

if i had glass

Google Glass Announces ‘Winners’ Of #IfIHadGlass

By | 10 Comments

Tweeted something about #IfIHadGlass? Google is giving out your golden ticket to, uh, pay them $1500 to be in a beta test. Yay?

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