Rampage Jackson Is Off UFC 186 After Bellator Granted Injunction


Bellator MMA was granted an injunction, and now Rampage Jackson won't be returning at UFC 186.


More NHL Players Should Negotiate Their Contract Demands Like Rich Clune


‘Tis the season for awesome contract negotiation jokes.


Video: Chael Sonnen’s New Contract Demands Are Hilarious And Possibly Serious


The UFC’s greatest boastful personality Chael Sonnen spoke to fans during a Q&A session at the UFC Fan Expo this past weekend in Las Vegas, and he continued to prove why he needs to host a charisma seminar for all new fighters every year, so they don’t all have the personalities of notebook paper.


UFC 161 Update: Roy Nelson Says Don’t Worry About The Roy Nelson Business


We’re just two days away from the UFC 161 Pay-Per-View event, live from Winnipeg, Manitoba, as the struggling UFC Bantamweight division has left us without a title fight, and instead with a co-main event that features Rashad Evans taking on Dan Henderson and “Big Country” Roy Nelson facing “Michael” Stipe Miocic.


Could UFC 161 Be The End Of Roy Nelson?


On Saturday, UFC 161 or “The One Without The Bantamweight Title Fight”, as I like to call it, will come to us live from Winnipeg, Manitoba at 10 PM ET on the ol’ Pay-Per-View.


Just Pay Drew Brees Already


As a person who can tell you with little hesitation how to properly operate a Coinstar machine, I have very little sympathy for athletes when they don’t get the deals they want.

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