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The Blood Sport Controller Draws Blood When The Controller Rumbles

By | 7 Comments

Tired of video games only eating up your free time? Now they can drain your blood, too!

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Why Keyboard And Mouse Are The Worst Video Game Controls

By | 56 Comments

Keyboard and mouse is beloved and sworn to as the best by millions of gamers. Here's why they're wrong!

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Rumor: Apple Is Building A Game Controller

By | 9 Comments

Apple is rumored to be building a game controller. We're... a bit skeptical.

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This Is Probably Your PS4 Controller

By | 22 Comments

A picture of the controller for Sony's next generation system has leaked...

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Today In Gaming Abominations: You Can Use Your DualShock On The Wii U, Now

By | 3 Comments

Use your PS2 controller on the Wii U! You can do that now! Why, we have no idea, but you can do that now!

Nintendo 64

This Is (Almost) Every Color of N64 Controller Released

By | 4 Comments

Via this Tumblr, we now have a rough idea of how many of different colors of N64 controller there were.

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A Hot Pocket Dispensing Xbox 360 Controller? A Hot Pocket Dispensing Xbox 360 Controller.


For anyone who has never heard of Ben Heck, I highly suggest heading on over to his website now.

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This is Not How You Sell Controllers

By | 5 Comments

Gabe and Tycho over at Penny Arcade have a truly hilarious and epic email chain from a reader, Dave, that's pretty much a complete and detailed guide on how to fail, miserably, at customer service.

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The Twenty Weirdest Video Game Controllers

By | 11 Comments

The controls are a crucial part of any video game.

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Budget Dork Throne Finally Available In the UK


Every now and then, I get annoyed that extra controllers for my PS3 cost $55 apiece.

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Finns Go Nowhere Intentionally For Once


It's the eternal quest of driving games across the world; how can we fit in more attractive women in skimpy outfits.

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