In Games, How Political Is Too Political?

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Kotaku <a href="">has a feature today</a> about a new enemy in "Bioshock: Infinite", a Motorized Patriot.

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JCPenney Tells Anti-Gay Group To Get Lost

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I usually try to avoid hot button political issues here, but I need to take a moment to give a shout out to JCPenney.

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Modern Warfare 3 Controversy, You Say? Lay It On Me! (Video)

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Smashing sales records is nothing new for the folks over at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


Controverzzzzzz – UPDATE

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Last week while I was filling in, I brought you the <a href="" target="_blank">harrowing tale of a couple from "Million Dollar Money Drop"</a> who may or may not have been ripped off to the tune of $800,000.



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Buckle in readers, we have some REALITY GAME SHOW CONTROVERSY.

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Killing Nuns Is An Achievement In Red Dead Redemption (In Real Life, Not So Much)

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Ok, we're all familiar with video game fun being misinterpreted by the media.

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“Bad Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal.”

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For the unfamiliar, the title is actually a quote by <a href="">Pablo Picasso</a> and has to do with drawing inspiration from something while putting your touch on it.


“Don’t Let Me Down…”

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Before this thing unravels any bigger to reveal more fuckery, let us just remind Jesse, who should've remembered anyways because of "<a href="">Hymiettown</a>," that nothing you say as a media entity goes unheard.

What's Beef?

Don Imus…Again?

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Yesterday, the statement (audio assist by RTNY).

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“The Bucket List”

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Words By Darius Sinclairâ„¢ Pic Property of ABC Geriatric fights are commonly funny.


Kiss & Tell…

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One of the missing (and forgotten) links in the whole late Cash Money era is TQ.


Back To Nas…

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Words By Contraâ„¢ Nasir Jones <a href="">changed his album title</a> in what is suspiciously beginning to look like <a href="">just another sales gimmick</a>.

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