This Teen Is Facing Prison Time For Giving His Teacher A Pot Cookie


A student in Birmingham, Michigan could be facing 10 years in prison after he gave his teacher a pot cookie.

3D printing

Watch A 3D Cookie Printer In Action

3D printing is finally relevant to everyone's interests, now that you can churn out cookies.

girl scout cookies

You Don’t Even Have To Get Off Your Couch To Buy Girl Scout Cookies Now

The Girl Scouts are invading the digital world, as they'll soon be launching web pages to make buying cookies even easier.


Oreo’s Mad Scientists Have Created A Limeade Cookie And Must Be Stopped


A limited edition limeade Oreo cookie has been spotted in stores, and now there is no flavor left on Earth that will be safe from Nabisco.

viral video

Chip Chocolate – Cookie Dance

This is by far the best cookie-themed rap video you'll see all day.


How Chips Ahoy! Turned My Terrible NCAA Tournament Bracket Into A Positive

The NCCA Tournament is down to its Final Four: Michigan, Syracuse, Louisville And Wichita State.


Conceptual Artist Designs Machine to Pull Creme From OREOs

Dentaku blurs the line between art and deliciousness.


Toy Scientists Design Machine to Pull Creme From OREOs

One toy scientist likes the creme while another likes the cookie, so they built a machine to splitĀ OREO cookies and serve them separately.


Physicist Designs Machine to Pull Creme From Oreos

David Neevel dislikes the creme in Oreo cookies.


Whisper Fight (OREO Super Bowl Commercial)

Argue all you want about the best part of an OREO, but keep it down.

#video games

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This Legend Of Zelda Pixel Cookie


"Pixel cookies" like these can be made by separating shortbread dough into different piles which are then kneaded with different food colorings.

#Star Wars

How To Make Awesome Star Wars Cookies With Cookie Cutters You May Already Have

Callye Alvarado was disappointed with Star Wars cookie cutter sets at Williams-Sonoma (4 of the cutters are currently selling for $20 and $10, review of them available at Geektress).


From Ashy To Definitely Classy…


Every good superhero should have a well-constructed but dapper pair of winter boots.

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