This Dad Is Building A Collection Of Tattoos Based On His Son’s Art

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An Ontario man has been tattooing his son's art on himself and may continue the collection.

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Watch This Baby-Holding Dad Impressively Put On His Pants With No Hands

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Could you put on your pants without using hands? Watch this guy do it WHILE HOLDING A BABY.


The Story Of How Mick Foley And Shooter Jennings Teamed Up To Record ‘Crazy Christmas’

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Mick Foley and Shooter Jennings open up about 'Crazy Christmas,' worlds colliding and the likeliest celebrity friendship of all-time.


A High School Surprised A Janitor With A Bag Of Cash So He Could Visit His Son

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Faculty and students at a high school in Kentucky raised $1,900 to send the janitor to Italy so he could see his son and meet his grandson.


People Threw An 11-Year Old Girl A Fake Wedding So Her Terminally Ill Father Could Walk Her Down The Aisle

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A photographer in California helped organize a fake wedding so a terminally-ill dad could walk his 11-year old daughter down the aisle.

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In ‘Nicer Than It Sounds’ News: Dad Lets Son Kill Himself In Mario 64

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Dad gives all the goombas in Mario 64 his kid's face, because why not?

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Move Over Baby Goose, Channing Tatum Fed Soup to a Puppy

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First, the huge news – Channing Tatum is a proud father.


Is This The Most Adorable ‘Aliens’ Halloween Costume You’ve Ever Seen?

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I thought for sure that when a Redditor posted a picture of his pregnant wife with her belly painted to look like Krang from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that we wouldn’t see a better kid-related halloween costume again this year, but I’m always wrong about pretty much everything, and here we are today with the above picture.

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