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Dave Grohl’s Story About The Time He Jammed With Prince Never Gets Old

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In the latest issue of 'Rolling Stone,' Dave Grohl once again shares the awesome story of the time he met and jammed with Prince.


The Fat Kid Stuck In Right Field Mourns The Loss Of The Magnificent Tony Gwynn

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Tony Gwynn once joked that he had a 'body built by Betty Crocker,' which made it easier for at least one fat kid to ignore the taunting.


Alec Baldwin Turned Down ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Because He Didn’t Want To Be A ‘Cop Killer’

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Alec Baldwin turned down a "ridiculous amount of money" for Grand Theft Auto voiceover work, and also talks about a Marvel project he had to turn down.


PayPal Accidentally Credited A Man $92 Quadrillion

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A Pennsylvania man received a heck of a surprise when his PayPal balance revealed that he had a credit of $92 quadrillion dollars in his account.


Meet The Bros Who Have Been Playing A Game Of Tag For The Past 23 Years

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For the first time in 11 years, my Brian Dennehy Google News alert finally paid off as I saw that he’d started a new job as the chief marketing officer for Nordstrom, and that at least sounded a little better than making cameos on random TNT dramas.


CNN, Jonah Hill, and the Tale of the Most Asinine Story Ever Covered

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If the 24-hour news cycle wasn't a joke before, it certainly is now.


With Leather's Watch This: Some College Football Fans Are Pretty Stupid

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Back when I was in college and running the student newspaper, the UCF football team went on a hilariously humiliating 17-game losing streak that included a breathtaking 0-11 season.


Here's A Pretty Creative Way To Dispose Of Your Old Sporting Goods

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When I was in high school, I tried to saw a surfboard in half and turn the pieces into bookshelves to impress a girl.


Confused Pugs Not Understanding How Things Work (And Links)


The Audacity Of Grope: 10 Rap Songs (Probably) On Herman Cain’s iPod Playlist |Smoking Section| Read the actual Jeffrey Katzenberg memo that inspired the Jerry Maguire memo |Film Drunk| Thirteen Movie Poster Cliches (And What They Say About The Movie) |UPROXX| ‘Community’ Showrunner [...].


@Storytime With Gilbert Arenas Turns Slurpee Rage Into Call For Equality

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While he's not nearly as colorful in his opinions as Darnell Dockett, Orlando Magic guard Gilbert Arenas is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining athletes on Twitter (as I’ve occasionally pointed out) because his jokes are often far funnier on the unintentional scale than they are in his head.


Daryl Gardener Went Back To College

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Former Miami Dolphins defensive tackle and current bodybuilding enthusiast Daryl Gardener was arrested after an altercation with his girlfriend, Sonia Cabrera, earlier this week on the campus of the University of Central Florida.


New Zealand Is Very Sorry, Anna Faris

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The tourism board of New Zealand has issued a formal apology to Yogi Bear and House Bunny star Anna Faris after she told talk show host George Lopez that while she was in the country filming Yogi Bear, two separate groups of older men yelled profanities at her.

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