Watch Cops Let A Guy Out Of A Ticket Because Of His ‘Bad Motherf*cker’ Wallet


You can be a bad motherf*cker to get out of a ticket from the cops, or you can carry a Bad Motherf*cker wallet.


Man Teams Up With Police To Terrify Girlfriend Just Before Proposing


Matt Van Vliet drove his girlfriend to tears just before proposing. Classic!


Biker Tries To Evade The Wrong Police Car

In this riveting dashboard camera footage of a high-speed chase in the Czech Republic, a biker tries to outmaneuver a police car, only to have the officer put on a masterclass in weaving through traffic.


DUI Suspect Dances, Motorboats During Sobriety Tests

A central Ohio man pulled over for DUI dances, motorboats, and air-humps his way through the sobriety tests.


Russian Cop Gets Taken For A Ride On Hood Of Car

This crazy driver in Moscow isn't about to let a pesky traffic cop stop him from getting where he needs to go.


Let's All Laugh At This Cop That Got Attacked By An Adorable Monkey

When Monkeys Attack Cops, coming this fall to Fox.


Monkey Steals Pen From Police Officer

This monkey is so upset about his owner receiving a traffic ticket that he comes out of nowhere to steal the police officer's pen.


Motorcycle Rider Pops Wheelie… Right Into Back of Cop Car

A motorcycle stunt rider tries to show off behind a police vehicle, and it doesn't end well for him -- as you can tell by the chokehold at the end of the video.


Thief Attempts to Rob Convenience Store in Front of Cop

A young man attempting to rob a convenience store turns around to a big surprise: A police officer standing behind him, and a store full of people laughing.


Police Officer Saves Suicidal Man in Colombia

A distraught man at a Medellin train station tries to jump in front of an oncoming train, but his attempt is thwarted at the very last moment by a fast-acting police officer.


FBI Agent Unnecessarily Climbs Fence

Even heroes have embarrassing moments now and again.


Cop Accused of Using Gun to Speed Up McDonald’s Drive-Thru

A police officer who was waiting in the drive-thru line at a McDonald's restaurant is accused of pulling a gun on the customer ahead of him because the officer was angry at having to wait for his food.


Ohio Police Chief Freaks Out After Eating An Entire Cake Laced With Weed


A police chief in Ohio described eating an entire cake laced with weed as "the worst feeling in the world."


Police Chief Recovering After Eating Cake Laced With Marijuana

A police chief in Ohio is recovering after finding a cake laced with marijuana in his own kitchen.


NYPD Orders Cops To Stop Being Trolls On The Internet

The NYPD has issued a set of social media rules after a number of officers were found posting "racist and offensive comments" to Facebook.


World’s Dumbest Thief Targeted A Law Enforcement Hockey Game


As a proud, tax-paying American who has never been arrested and occasionally makes donations to police associations (because someone once told me the sticker stops cops from pulling you over), I’m a big fan of law enforcement.

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