James Van Der Beek Did That ‘Power Rangers’ Fan Film Because It’s ‘Why We All Got Into This Business’

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James Van Der Beek shared his thoughts on the success of the recent 'Power Rangers' fan film and his desire to make the project happen.


Can You Declare Copyright On Your Facebook Posts? No, Because They’re Already Copyrighted.

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The copyright hoax is sweeping Facebook again, so here's what you actually need to know about Facebook and copyright.


DC Comics Doesn’t Want This Football Team To Use Their Town’s Centuries-Old Bat Logo

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DC Comics might win this trademark battle; they'll just need to build a time machine.


The U.S. Copyright Office Has Ruled That Photos Taken By Animals Cannot Be Copyrighted

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The U.S. Copyright Office has changed its rules on copyright regarding works created by animals, plants, and other supernatural beings.


An Appeals Court Has Ruled That Most Of Sherlock Holmes Is In The Public Domain

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Wanna write your own Sherlock Holmes story? Well now you can, free of charge! (Probably!)

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The Candy Crush Saga Team Drops Their Attempt To Copyright “Candy”


Candy Crush Saga is still inexplicably popular, but it's also finally dropped the whole "lawsuit" thing. Well, sort of.


The Folks Behind ‘Candy Crush Saga’ Have Finally Trademarked The Word ‘Candy’

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'Candy Crush Saga' allegedly owns the rights to the word 'candy.' Luckily they already own you and your friends. Your new name is Glitter.


Judge Rules Newspapers Can’t Just Use Photos From Twitter As Their Own

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Today in irony, a news organization whining about people stealing their content on the Internet is in legal trouble for stealing content from the Internet.

they'll still xerox them guys

College Professors Have to Steal Books The Old-Fashioned Way (Copy Machines), Judge Rules

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If you went to college, inevitably, you got stacks of handouts photocopied straight out of a published work.


New York Judge Chews Out Copyright Trolls In Hilarious Ruling


Before we talk about this, we want you to savor this sentence: John Doe #29’s counsel represents that his client is an octogenarian with neither the wherewithal nor the interest in using BitTorrent to download Gang Bang Virgins.

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Google Drive Is Totally Going To Take Your Stuff


Well, at least according to the Terms of Service.

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File Sharing Is No Longer Necessarily Stealing, According to The Government


Most people probably barely noticed when Sergey Aleynikov was arrested for downloading Goldman Sachs' proprietary software and sentenced to eight years in jail.

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MPAA: Embedded Videos Are Copyright Violations

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There are moments, glimmers, where the MPAA has a reasonable argument.


Viacom Continues To Sue YouTube, Its Best Friend


In 2007, Viacom sued YouTube for a billion dollars.


A Massive Copyright S***storm Is Brewing, And iTunes Is Involved

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The Copyright Act of 1976 is a fairly obscure law to most people, but it's about to become very, very important to everyone involved.


Random Bird Chirps Copyrighted, According to YouTube


Watch the video below, and listen closely.

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Don Henley Of The Eagles Is Not A Fan Of Frank Ocean

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When Frank Ocean's rather awesome Nostagia, Ultra came out last year, many predicted Ocean -- who self-produced the record and released it on his own via his Tumblr -- would have trouble getting copyright clearance for some of the samples used on it, making a major label re-release of the album kind of tricky.


Used MP3s Get A Major Legal Boost

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We know, we know, we think "used" MP3s are kind of ridiculous too.

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