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Did Warner Brothers Break The Law With Avalanche Of DMCA Takedown Notices?


Fun fact: the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), better known as the YouTube Ruining Law, allows movie studios to issue takedown notices for media posted on the Internet.

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The Library of Congress Sort Of Lets You Violate DMCA


The Digital Millenium Copyright Act is probably one of the most annoying laws Congress has ever passed, betraying a complete ignorance of copyright and the Internet.


European Union Extends Copyright Another Twenty Years


Aside from banging Cher back when she was hot and tormenting us with "I've Got You, Babe," Sonny Bono's great contribution humanity was extending copyright law by another twenty years, essentially decimating the public domain and kickstarting what's shaped up to be a huge argument about intellectual property, copyright, and where the good of the public comes in.


It's A Bad Day For Copyright Trolls


Hey, remember when we talked about how the only profitable copyright lawsuits these days were porn lawsuits, because most people didn't want to go through the embarrassment of admitting in public that they downloaded a dirty movie.


Lady Gaga Kicked Off Of YouTube For Copyright Violations

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(UPDATE: Gaga's account appears to have been restored.


The Constitution Protects Tourist-Begging Superheroes, Apparently


If you've ever walked down Hollywood Boulevard, you've probably seen panhandlers dressed up as Superman, Jack Sparrow or Pikachu asking for money to pose with them.


Blockbuster's Bankrupt. Will Netflix Drop The Ball?

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Blockbuster have finally set into motion "pre-arranged" Chapter 11 proceedings.

#Star Wars


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In 1976, Andrew Ainsworth, an industrial designer, was hired to make fifty Stormtrooper helmets (£20 each) for Star Wars.

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